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Market Research

Selling to Kids? Hold the Meat

Reach kids by simplifying their options.

Good Time to Get a Deal on a Franchise

In an effort to attract and assist franchisees, some systems are cutting franchise fees and other costs--sometimes by as much as two-thirds.

Can You Buy a Big Franchise?

Can a small fish survive in a big pond? Yes--even in this economy, big franchises are seeking single-unit franchisees just like you.

4 Advantages to Buying a Big-Name Franchise

With borrowing leverage, purchasing power and marketing prowess already in place, big franchises handle much of the legwork.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Girl Power

Young women learn what it takes to start a business.
Entrepreneur Magazine

The Good Fight

Corporate America can't stop the entrepreneurial revolution. Come on, people! Who's with us?
Entrepreneur Magazine

Missing Persons

When employees call in sick, it's your business that suffers.
Entrepreneur Magazine

To Die For

Is your business hazardous to your health?
Entrepreneur Magazine

What Price Principles?

In an ideal world, profits and principles co-exist. In the real world, it's not so easy.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Out Of Business

What happens when your personal dream turns into every entrepreneur's nightmare?

Making Magic

His basketball days behind him, superstar Magic Johnson is now busy scoring points in the world of business. Here's what he thinks, what he wants...and how he's going to get it.

To Tell The Truth

Fasten your seatbelts: We're about to shatter some of the most common small-business myths.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Get A Clue

Unravel the mysteries of 1998's hottest franchising trends.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Happiness Is...

We're getting richer, but we're not getting happier.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Anatomy Of A Decade

The Legacy Of The 80's Lives On In The World Of Small Business.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Heads Up Part II

Sure Bets
Entrepreneur Magazine

Circle Of Friends

Community assistance and more.
Finding Ideas

Theory of Creativity

Two creative geniuses reveal how to think out of the box.
Entrepreneur Magazine

With Honors

Meet the winners of Avon's 1997 Women of Enterprise Awards.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Patent Lather

Inventors are hit hard as Clinton proposes to take $92 million from the Patent Office.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Search For Tommorow

Experts predict the future of small business.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Closed-Door Policy

The Supreme Court's refusal to hear a set-aside case deals a blow to affirmative action.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Center Stage

Congressional hearings and more.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Double Vision

What to do when franchisees and franchisors don't see eye to eye.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Breaking The Mold

Savvier than ever, today's franchisees are blazing new trails.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Girl Talk

A former Oscar winner changes her focus to games for girls.

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