Janelle Elms

Janelle Elms eBay University instructor and dean of Online Business for LA College International, is creator of the eBay Stores Video Series.

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Getting Schooled

Boost your sales by learning from experienced eBay sellers.
Entrepreneur Magazine

For Your Review

Want more eyes on your products? Go online and share your expertise.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Good Advice

Got questions? eBay's got answers. Here's where to find them.
Entrepreneur Magazine

In the Fast Lane

Get some attention and speed up your sales with an eBay blog.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Along for the Ride

Find out how search engines can drive visitors to your eBay listings.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Play by the Rules

eBay regulations and guidelines keep buyers and sellers on the same page-of the rule book, that is.

Stretch Your Dollars on eBay

Companies turn to eBay to find smart buys for their businesses.

Using eBay to Find Customers

Get your business out there--with a little help from eBay.

eBay Business Automation

Make more money with less effort by using eBay's tools to automate your business.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Avoid Scams on eBay

Use eBay's security measures to avoid falling prey to online scams.

Selling Cars on eBay

Get your automotive business in gear with help from eBay Motors.
Selling Online

Express Yourself

Buyers and sellers alike are hailing eBay's latest shopping site.

Tips on Shipping Your Product

You can't have a successful eBay business without a way to ship your goods. Here are some tips and tools to help you do it right.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Take Your eBay Biz Global

EBay's international shipping and payment options put the whole world in your hands.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Bring In eBay Customers With Your Site

New customers are out there, but they might not be on eBay--yet. Use a website to show them the way to your business.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Give Your eBay Customers Star Treatment

Make your eBay business shine by offering stellar customer service.
Entrepreneur Magazine

How to Source Must-Have Products

Bolster your eBay business by being the first to find the products everyone wants.
Entrepreneur Magazine

The Benefits of Learning on eBay

When it comes to eBay, the more you learn, the more you can earn. Waste no time in wising up with these tools.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Start an eBay Store

Use an eBay store to set up shop in your own little corner of the eBay universe, and watch sales take off.
Selling Online

9 Reasons You Should be Selling on eBay

There are many ways to get started on ebay. Which will you choose?

Tools and Opportunities for New Sellers

Connecting with others is a great way to learn what you need to know about starting a business on eBay. We'll show you how.

Keep Your eBay Biz Legal

Build your eBay business on a strong legal foundation to keep the bids coming.

How to Start an eBay Business

Why now could be the perfect time to jump on the eBay-business bandwagon.

Time-Saving Tips for Your eBay Biz

Successful entrepreneurs know that every minute counts. Stop wasting your valuable time doing menial tasks. Use these tricks to free up time and boost your business.

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