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Entrepreneur Startups Magazine

What's the Story?

A mom's quest to preserve her daughter's childhood memories turns into an entrepreneurial adventure.
Entrepreneur Startups Magazine

Smooth Moves

This franchisee got his big break when an opportunity showed up on his doorstep.

Starting a Business the SAGE Way

Teens in the student entrepreneurship program are changing the world, not to mention making their own worlds a lot nicer.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Breaking Ground

One seasoned land developer puts his experience to good use.

Why SARS Could Hurt Your Business

When it comes to the threat of SARS, balancing employee rights and safety is essential to everyone's health--including your business's.
Success Stories

Rolling in Dough

Do you go with original butter & salt or almond crunch? Decisions, decisions . . .

File-Swapping Debate Rages On

Innovators, recording industry at odds over how, and whether, to restrict transmission of digital downloads

New Overtime Rules Could Cost a Bundle

Proposed changes in federal overtime laws could cost employers big bucks but may save them even more in legal costs.

Read the Fine Print: Gift Card Reform on Horizon

Retailers counting on cashing in on the $2 billion windfall generated from gift card "breakage" may need to check up on state law.

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