Karen Edwards

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Entrepreneur Magazine

The Principle's Office

A marketing agency taps into the selling power of businesses on their best behavior.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Free Style

An entrepreneur takes his blues to the streets.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Shop and Go

A traveling boutique is the perfect vehicle for getting the latest fashions to customers.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Different Stripes

Going against the grain in the clothing industry paid off for these entrepreneurs.
Entrepreneur Magazine

In Your Face

When it comes to marketing, this web designer uses his head--literally.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Glass Action

An entrepreneur revs up business for his clients with an innovative mobile solution.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Urban Cowboys

These trailblazing marketers know how to appeal to young, street-smart buyers.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Novel Idea

A gritty novel takes a former drug dealer from prison to her own publishing business.

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