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Home, Cheap Home

Looking to hit young adult consumers where they live? Try their parents' houses.
Entrepreneur Magazine

In the Bags

Hand-beaded accessories have treated Christiana Lapetina-Johnson almost as kindly as she treats her employees.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Ga-Ga for Google

Users are fans of the company's highly relevant searches. We're fans because Google is a dotcom that's making money.
Entrepreneur Magazine

┬┐Que Tal?

The Hispanic market keeps on buying, even when you throw a recession in its way.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Child Stars

Reaffirming the American way, kids are showing new entrepreneurial interest.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Solo Mission

Paul Stannard used to make software for other companies. When he turned 40, he decided to make the profits his own.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Bunny Money

Along with the May flowers, April showers bring a very profitable holiday season.
Going Global

Customs Dictates

Regardless of any increased security concerns, life goes on for importers and exporters.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Keep It Coming

Worried September 11 relief has busted the SBA's budget? Congress has you covered.
Employment Law

Fire Fight

U.S. workers are complaining about immigrant labor--this time, it's technology layoffs.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Laurel Touby

"Thirtysomething" founder of Mediabistro.com in New York City
Going Global

European Theater

Entrepreneurship is finally getting the rave reviews it deserves across the pond.
Management & Operations

Talk of the Town

Think your city is too small to build a business in? How does population 650 sound?
Entrepreneur Magazine

Tragic Taste

When does showing your company's support cross the "downright tacky" line?
Entrepreneur Magazine

Drink Tank

Grab a cold one and read on to uncover the latest trends in the beverage industry.
Entrepreneur Magazine

The Quilted Picker-Upper

Celebrating the highs (and the lows) of dotcom culture with a needle and thread.
Franchise 500

No. 1 With Everything

Make it a combo. Subway is going home with its 10th No. 1 franchise title.
Management & Operations

Where, Oh Where?

The next entrepreneurial hot spot may be coming soon to a city near you.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Suit Up!

Sick and tired of bruised hip bones and ugly surf gear, these two surfer chicks became hip-bone-saving wet-suit designers and heroines of water-sports-loving women everywhere.
Entrepreneur Magazine

No Turning Back

The dotcoms may be dying off, but their corporate culture is here to stay.
Going Global

Run! It's the Internet!

Global consumers may be too scared to buy from your site.
Entrepreneur Magazine

What's That Smell?

With the fragrances (like tomato and dirt) this fashion-student-turned-fragrance-mogul has concocted, it could be anything. But we're betting it's the sweet smell of success.

Good Thinking

Lonely burden of innovation wearing you down? Tap the entrepreneurial zeal in your employees, and they'll start pitching ideas faster than you can implement them.
Going Global

'Tis the Season

Why wait 6 months when the Southern Hemisphere is ripe now?
Entrepreneur Magazine

You Suck!

Don't take it personally: That's just post-dotcom backlash talking. Or is it?
Going Global

Damn Yankees

American brands are sparking enduring trends abroad. So why do they hate us for it?
Business Management

Encore Performance

Practice makes perfect, but can it bring success in the world of dotcoms?
Entrepreneur Magazine

Pimpin' the Clothes

Sex sells. Pimps sell sex. See an equation trying to form?
Entrepreneur Magazine

The Tables Are Turning

Julie Gaines tells us her and her husband's tales of trekking cross-country in search of tableware, entering the international market-and holding their own against Macy's.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Do A Little Dance . . .

Getting techies off their tushes and onto the dance floor
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