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Nab Your Niche

A specialty is essential to your success in the booming home-improvement market.
Startup Basics

With a Little Help From My Friends

A strong support system will see you through the start-up phase and beyond.
Employment Law

It's Classified

Are they really contractors rather than employees? If you don't get it right, you could face steep penalties.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Frozen Assets

These chilly towels prove their worth in the battle against the heat.
Entrepreneur Startups Magazine

Nice and Steady

There's really no need to rush into a full-time business. Keep these part-time pointers in mind for smooth sailing.
Entrepreneur Startups Magazine

Almost Famous

Harness the power of PR, and make your business a rising star.
Entrepreneur Startups Magazine

Class Acts

College life can go beyond classes, keggers and cramming for finals. Why not start your own business? These enterprising students did.

#78: Concentric Marketing

Having high expectations and focusing on goals helped this company stay centered.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Kid Stuff

Want to light your child's entrepreneurial fire? Try a stint at a business camp.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Flower Power

How one former guitarist gave a much-needed woman's touch to the rock 'n' roll music scene
Entrepreneur Magazine

Mind Over Manners

What you need to know to make a great impression at your next business meal
Entrepreneur Magazine

Got Game?

Useful start-up moves from a popular board game
Entrepreneur Magazine

A Dream Come True

The ins and outs of starting your own consulting service
Entrepreneur Magazine

No Ivory Tower

University venture lab provides real-life entrepreneurial lessons
Business Ideas

Fun Money

Whether your passion is pottery, painting or playing video games, there's money to be made from your hobby.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Singing the Blues?

Then this band aid may be just what your lagging work force needs.

Identity Crisis

Make no mistake--business identity theft can happen to you if you're not careful.
Entrepreneur Magazine

We'll Drink to That!

Inspired by a popular diet, this team of health-conscious entrepreneurs are mixing up the cocktail world.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Trading Spaces

From start to finish, these "booth basics" will help you make the most of that first trip to the trade show floor.
Management & Operations

A Room of One's Own

Finding office space on a budget just got a whole lot easier.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Roast of the Town

Can the ordinary Joe find coffeehouse success in a Starbucks world?
Entrepreneur Magazine

Laying Down the Law

Don't be legally blind--watch for these common start-up blunders.
Entrepreneur Startups Magazine

Your Good Side

Don't quit your day job. Really, we mean it. Start a business on the side while you work full time for someone else.
Angel Investors

Do You Believe in Angels?

Angel investors--and their money--are out there. Learn to catch one.
Entrepreneur Startups Magazine

Speaking of Nets . . .

Franchise research often means a tough hike on the paper trail. The Internet may change all that.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Take It Outside

Should you outsource the business processes you can't handle to another country?
Entrepreneur Magazine

Beggar's Market

This business got some fast cash the old-fashioned way: The owners begged for it.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Animal Instincts

Discovering your company's combat style can lead to more productive conflicts.
Managing Employees

Playing Well With Others

Being the boss is tough. Do your employees wish you'd get an attitude adjustment?
Entrepreneur Magazine

Marketing Buzz 2/03

Advertising on pizza boxes; getting your business in the world record books
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