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Pattie Simone

Pattie Simone

Communications pro Pattie Simone is an acclaimed digital engagement activist, speaker, video blogger and consultant. She is president and chief success strategist at marketing-advantage and Write-Communications,both business development and branding agencies, and founder of WomenCentric, a hip directory and connection hub for ambitious women worldwide. Pattie is an Ask Entrepreneur expert and a producer of timely and informative business and career success editorial and videos via WomenCentric Media. Her practical advice and creative insight have been featured on MSNBC, KOMU, FOX 5 and ABC TV, as well as in Entrepreneur and MORE magazine. She is a co-author of Jersey Women Mean Business! Big, Bold Business Advice from New Jersey Women Business Owners: Practical Pointers, Solutions and Strategies for Business Success, and is currently writing and filming for the ultimate transmedia communications handbook. For more info on Pattie's new media, marketing or speaking services, Google "Pattie Simone" or call (845) 362-7880.

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