Rosalind Resnick

Rosalind Resnick

Rosalind Resnick is a New York-based freelance writer, entrepreneur, investor and author of The Vest Pocket Consultant's Secrets of Small Business Success.

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Entrepreneur Magazine

How to Protect Your Invention

Need invention protection? An attorney can help.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Guardian Angels

An angel group could be your startup's savior.
Entrepreneur Magazine

More or Lease

Don't have the cash for big-ticket items? Look to leasing instead.
Entrepreneur Magazine

It's All Relative

You can ask your family to fork over funds, but make it worth their while.
Entrepreneur Startups Magazine

Exchange Rate

Use barter to build your business.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Loan Woes

Feel like you're signing your life away?
Entrepreneur Magazine

To Your Credit

Prove your trustworthiness to vendors.
Entrepreneur Startups Magazine

Taking Stock

Should you offer employees stock in your startup? Here's how to weigh your options.

On Loan

Borrowing against your 401(k)
Personal Finance

Learn to Be a Rich Woman

Real estate investor and author Kim Kiyosaki reveals what you can do to take control of your financial future.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Extra Effort

Does your bank go above and beyond?
Startup Financing

When You Need a Tiny Loan...

Look to microlenders for funding.
Entrepreneur Startups Magazine

Come Together

Want to buy a successful business-and keep it going strong? An earn-out agreement puts you and the former owner in the same corner.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Pass the Bill

Cash in on your unpaid invoices.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Loan Lesson

Is convertible debt the way to go?
Startup Financing

Debtor, Beware

Make sure you're spending wisely at startup.
Use Subcontractors to Build Your Business
Growth Strategies

Use Subcontractors to Build Your Business

Create a scalable business without additional overhead by hiring subcontractors to handle your extra work.

10 Ways to Grow Your Homebased Business

When the status quo just won't do, these 10 exciting ideas will help you take your home biz to a new level.

Craft Fair Tycoon

Want to turn your artistic hobby into a biz? Here's how to sell your handicrafts at art shows and craft fairs.
How to Sell at Craft Fairs and Shows
Business Ideas

How to Sell at Craft Fairs and Shows

Interested in turning your artistic hobby into a business? Find out how you can make money by selling your handicrafts at art shows and craft fairs.

Overnight Success Strategy

What if you hit it big right out of the gate? This 10-step plan will help you think fast when you rocket to success.

Do You Have What It Takes to Work From Home?

Before you launch your homebased biz, make sure you're suited to the work-from-home life. Five things to consider.

Top Five Home Businesses

There're no guarantees when starting a home biz, but these five low-risk, low-cost ideas sure come close.

Starting a Business With Your Spouse

Think you're married to your job now? Here are five things to consider before making your business a family affair.

Setting up Your Business to Receive Payments

Before you accept cash, checks and charges from your customers, there are some things you must know.
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