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Your Million Dollar Dream: Regain Control & Be Your Own Boss Tamara Monosoff is the author of Your Million Dollar Dream: Regain Control & Be Your Own Boss and The Mom Inventors Handbook, Secrets of Millionaire Moms, and co-author of The One Page Business Plan for Women in Business. She is also the and CEO of www.MomInvented.com. Connect on Twitter: @mominventors and on Facebook: facebook.com/MomInvented.

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A Quick Guide to Taking an Invention to Market

A Quick Guide to Taking an Invention to Market

Consider these strategies for turning your product idea into a business reality.
So You Want to Be Your Own Boss...
Starting a Business

So You Want to Be Your Own Boss...

8 tips to get you going, even if you don't know where to start
You Can Choose Success

You Can Choose Success

Don't get distracted when your competition thrives.
Should Your Idea Pass Go?
Product Development

Should Your Idea Pass Go?

Proper evaluation could save you both time and money.
Protecting Your Idea

Don't File for That Patent Yet

Instead of a utility patent, a provisional patent or a trademark could be a better first step.
A Surefire Way to Get a Licensing Agreement
Distribution and Licensing

A Surefire Way to Get a Licensing Agreement

Prove that your product is a low-risk investment.
Finding Customers

Be Your Own Publicist

A good PR campaign can be a cost-effective way to drum up interest in your inventions.
Finding Customers

Embrace the Hispanic Market

Before you worry about patenting your invention, investigate potential sales markets.
Customer Loyalty and Retention

Focus on Core Customers

Be committed to them, and they'll deliver new clients to you.
Startup Basics

Get Organized Now!

Use these tips to get--and keep--your documents in order.
Public Relations

'I'm Gonna Be on TV!'

Beware the lure of the direct-response companies that produce late-night TV ads--at your expense.
Women's Center

10 Telephone Sales Tactics that Work

These tips will help you get past the gatekeeper and meet your stated objective.

Money Isn't Everything

Consider these 5 factors before you start searching for investors.
How To Start a Business

Learn to Lean on Your Advisors

Take advantage of expert advice--but know that the final say is yours.
Get Your Product to Market in Six Steps
Distribution and Licensing

Get Your Product to Market in Six Steps

You're the best person for the job, so get started.

Time to Fold? Here's a Primer

Learn how to use bankruptcy as a tool if it's time for your inventions-based business to close shop.

New Regulations Impact Toy Makers

Congress is cracking down after the China toy recall. Here's what you need to know about the latest regulatory standards.

Harness the Power of a Trademark

Learn the difference between a patent, trademark, and copyright and how to avoid big mistakes when setting them up.
Starting a Business

I Cut Costs by $500 per Month

Learn how one business saved this amount each month by cutting back on non-essentials. Your business can use these methods to decrease expenses, too.
Starting a Business

Not So Tech-Savvy?

Look like the real deal with these easy-to-use tech resources for e-mail, web design, conference calling and more.

Do Rising Costs Point to Domestic Manufacturing?

Don't assume your next invention will be produced overseas. Several factors make the U.S. a prime place for production.
Management & Operations

Manufacturing Trends That Affect Your Business

When you add up all the extra costs, domestic manufacturing may be your best bet.

How Patent Law Changes Could Hurt Small Inventors

A new bill currently being considered in the House brings changes that no longer look out for the little guy.

Putting Time Into Your Product

From inventor to overnight millionaire? Not exactly. Here's the long-term solution to developing a product effectively.
Home Based Basics

Running a Company From Home

Setting clear boundaries and carving out time for your work is the key to being a well-balanced home based entrepreneur.

Starting From Scratch

Here's what you need to know before you launch your big-time food product.

Consider Starting Small

Grassroots sales channels may be more effective to help grow the business for your invention.
Business Ideas

Stitch In a New Business Idea

Learn how to take your textile invention from idea to reality.
Startup Basics

The Realities of Being an Entrepreneur

It's not all rosy, but it's certainly rewarding.

How to 'Invent' Your Book

Take your blank page to national bookshelves.

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