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Protecting Your Idea

Do You Copy?

To © or not to ©: How a copyright can protect your creative works

What's in a Name?

Possibly your entire image. Before you rush to get your product on the market, take the time to choose the right name.
Protecting Your Idea

Inventions: The Next Generation

Can't think of an original product? You don't have to. Making an existing product better could be your ticket to success.
Protecting Your Idea

Watch Your Mouth!

If you don't want to lose the rights to your idea, don't talk about it--without a nondisclosure agreement, that is.
Product Development

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Secrets to presenting your great idea
Entrepreneur Magazine

Second Opinion

When the going gets tough, consultants provide the expertise you need.
Protecting Your Idea

Breaking New Ground

You've always been able to patent your inventions. Thanks to recent court rulings, you can now patent your ideas.
Entrepreneur Magazine

On Your Mark . . .

Just thought of a great new product? Well, that was the easy part. Here's how to get it off the drawing board.
Protecting Your Idea

Buying Time

Have a great idea, but you're not quite ready for a patent? A provisional patent protects your rights--and ''holds your place'' in the Patent Office's line.
Product Development

The Best Defense

Resources to protect yourself against scams and legal thieves.
Protecting Your Idea

Property Rights

What gives you the right to your idea? We'll tell you.
Product Development

Portion Control

Thinking about manufacturing offshore? Consider the cost of quotas first.
Protecting Your Idea

Surprise Attack

Inventors beware: Submarine patents could surface when you least expect it.
Finding Distributors

Shelf Life

Want to get your product on grocers' shelves? Don't go it alone.
Protecting Your Idea

What Price Protection?

Want to secure your invention with a patent? It's going to cost you.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Father Of Invention

Meet a man who holds more than 60 U.S. patents. (You might learn a thing or two!)
Protecting Your Idea

Finders Keepers

Not sure how to choose the right patent attorney? Here's where to look and what to look for.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Testing Your Wings

Will your idea fly? Our expert tests the experts.
Product Development

Got It Made

Looking for a manufacturer? Here's a blueprint for getting just what you want.
Product Development

Winner's Circle

Your chances of hitting the venture capital jackpot could depend on who you know.
Entrepreneur Magazine

At Your Fingertips

Inventor assistance is only a Web site away.
Entrepreneur Magazine

How Much Is Too Much?

When it comes to shipping and handling charges, there are no rules.
Product Development

Stop, Thief!

Protecting your invention from copycats and crooks.
Entrepreneur Magazine


Product development companies make getting your invention to market a cinch.
Protecting Your Idea

Rest Insured

How the right insurance policy can protect you in a patent lawsuit
Product Development

Model Approach

Creating a prototype that will wow investors.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Ask Me Anything

Answers to the most frequently asked patent questions.
Protecting Your Idea

On Guard!

When your patent is under attack, these tips can protect it from infringement.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Bright Ideas

Learning the finer points of negotiating
Entrepreneur Magazine

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The best approach to finding buyers for your idea.

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