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Tips 121-125: Pay Attention to Your Health

Posted by Entrepreneur Staff | June 7, 2010



Keep an Eye on Your Physical Health

Caffeine, sugar, power bars and the pure will to concentrate can compensate for lack of sleep and poor nutrition, but nothing substitutes for genuine physical health. Sleep, exercise, a proper diet and regular checkups are important for maintaining your physical health. This is a basic, essential priority, which provides the well of energy from which you draw the strength to accomplish everything you need to do. Some people neglect their own health for so long that they forget what it feels like to be healthy and rested. Making the commitment to your physical health will have an immediately visible effect on your productivity. Take the following steps:

Articulate Your Personal Vision

Your career is a major part of your life. What drives you to be where you are? What, beyond this moment, keeps propelling you forward? What is the vision that inspires you? Take a minute now to articulate what drives you personally. State clearly what you are working toward. Developing a vision can be a little overwhelming, but it doesn't need to be complicated. What does your gut tell you? What do you want? What's making you wake up every day to get started on your work? Don't feel pressured to articulate your one-year, five-year, and 10-year goals. Vision is often as hard to describe as feeling an impulse, a wish or a desire. You may be driven to learn as much as you possibly can about your industry, or to develop a reputation as the best in your field. Maybe you want to be a role model for others or become wise. Often, your vision is a dream, a hope, or a belief in yourself and the unique contribution you can make to the world through your work. Whatever compels you, articulate it--it will grow stronger and more inspiring as you acknowledge and embrace it. Don't be shy.


Combat Procrastination

Do you procrastinate on everything or only on some things? Some people procrastinate primarily on big projects; others tend to avoid the small, boring or annoying tasks. The worst part about procrastination is how much time we waste on meaningless tasks and doing anything to avoid the dreaded project.
Combat procrastination in the following ways:

Make Use of Your Travel Time

Whether commuting, shuttling your kids from one after-school activity to the next, or taking a business trip, make a conscious choice about how you want to use that travel time. Travel time should never be lost time. Listen to music to escape. Talk to your kids to strengthen your connection with them. Listen to business books on CD to enhance your work. Also, choose the best mode of transportation for whatever you're planning to do. A cross-country car trip is a great way to build relationships; public transportation offers plenty of time to sleep (physical health), read or watch movies (escape), and concentrate (work).


Focus on the Joys of Completion

Gallup surveys have shown a direct correlation between job satisfaction and achievement. People who accomplish a lot are driven by a certain joy of completion--the thrill of crossing things off their to-do list. It's often what keeps them focused when the going gets rough on a particular task--they have their eye on that glorious feeling of crossing it off. An adrenaline high gets triggered when things are finished. That sense of accomplishment is highly energizing and keeps you tackling one task after another all day long. Here's the key: Once you know your concentration threshold, break your tasks down into the increments of time during which you can concentrate. This way, you can enjoy the sense of finishing things in the time allotted. You can get something done--actually completed--during your period of focus.