Best Cities for Small Business

Our 12th annual Hot Cities report will give you the lowdown on the nation's most dynamic cities for entrepreneurs.

Whether you're looking to expand, relocate or simply stay put, our quick guide to the top 10 best cities for entrepreneurship offers a snapshot view of these entrepreneurial hot spots. With information on population, median home price, hot industries and more, you'll see why new businesses are booming in these areas. We also uncover the number of significant startups--companies in these areas with five or more employees that started between four and 14 years ago and are still in business--to show you just how well these regions have helped foster, grow and keep entrepreneurs in business.

Phoenix-Mesa, AZ

Charlotte-Gastonia-Rock Hill, NC-SC

Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill, NC

Las Vegas, NV

Austin-San Marcos, TX

Washington-Baltimore, DC-MD-VA-WV

Memphis, TN

Nashville, TN

Norfolk-Virginia Beach-Newport News, VA-NC

San Antonio, TX

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