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The Benefits of In-Car Technology

From monitoring driver behavior to checking vehicle wear, here's how telematics software can help manage your company's fleet.

The Beauty of the GPS Tracker

It can track vehicle location, real-time movement and driver performance, dramatically increasing efficiency.

4 Things You Need to Know About Commercial Vehicle Insurance

We correct some of the most common misconceptions.

Turn Your Company Car Into a Marketing Campaign on Wheels

A look at three companies who are using their cars to jump start conversation and generate revenue.

The Best Way to Buy a Company Car

Take the time to consider your particular circumstances before deciding on a payment plan.

Simple Ways to Make Driving Easier

From sites that allow you to negotiate directly with lease owners, to apps that offer real-time reports on traffic, these tools take some of the stress out of driving.

Power in Numbers: The Benefits of Entering Fleet-Vehicle Territory

If your business has as many as 10 vehicles, you've entered fleet-vehicle territory, a place with its own rules--and benefits

5 Tips for Your First Fleet-Vehicle Purchase

What to consider when buying a fleet.

On the Road Again? Maybe It's Time for Your Own Delivery Vehicle

Experts explain when it's time to buy or lease, and what else you'll need when building your fleet.

Mobile Technology for Business Owners On the Go

A look at several new portable devices and services for the modern road warrior.

Home-Remodeling Businesses Get New Business Models

These entrepreneurs revamped their businesses to survive the economic downturn.

A Roadie Business: Teaching Bus Drivers to the Stars

A Nashville school trains people to get behind the wheel and shuttle rock entertainers to their next gig.

Choosing the Right Vehicle for Your Business

Our guide to choosing the right commercial vehicle for your business

What Entrepreneurs Are Driving

Business owners share the stories behind their wheels.

You Should Know: Why Does Gas Cost So Much?

That pain you feel at the pump comes from more factors than you may think.

Home Remodeling Gets Retooled

How one online venture is working to update an old industry

Share a Truck to Save a Buck

Car sharing is an easy way to reduce your business costs.

How to Deduct Your Vehicle Expenses

Don't attach a clipboard to your steering wheel.

Find the Right Work Van for Your Business

The new crop combines the usual brawn with some serious brains.

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