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Estate planning


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What Entrepreneurs Should Know About Estate Planning
When the time comes to deal with personal loss, it pays to be ready. Here's how to prepare yourself and your family.
October 19, 2011 in Personal Finance
The Parental Responsibility of Estate Planning

The Parental Responsibility of Estate Planning

Tax-savvy ways to ensure that your children are financially secure after your death
January 19, 2010 in Personal Finance

Should Your Heirs Work for Your Money?

Incentive trusts can get your heirs to jump through hoops for your money, but is one right for your family? Weigh the pros and cons.
April 1, 2005 in Personal Finance

Does Your Estate Plan Need a Disclaimer Provision?

Make sure your family gets what it needs by including a disclaimer provision in your estate plan.
August 1, 2004 in Tax Center

Making Your Estate Plan Flexible

Build flexibility into your estate plan so heirs can avoid the pitfalls of changing tax laws.
July 1, 2004 in Personal Finance

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