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Introducing Entrepreneur's Top Brands of 2014: Learn Their Secrets

We present the companies that have generated the most trust among entrepreneurs as well as the lessons you can take from them.

Inspiring TED Talks Every Entrepreneur Should Watch

A trio of wise, motivational TED presentations all business owners can benefit from.

10 Twitter Accounts Every Entrepreneur Should Be Following

For those entrepreneurs looking to get a little inspiration in short, succinct bits, follow these people on Twitter.

Entrepreneur's 10 Most Popular Stories of 2013

From tips on staying focused to advice on improving your writing, here are the stories that struck a chord with our readers this year.

Seth Godin on Why Business Leaders Should Think Like Artists

The popular author challenges entrepreneurs to get out of their comfort zones and embrace vulnerability.

Marketing Strategies for the Future

Yesterday's marketing plan won't work in tomorrow's world. Follow the leaders by redesigning your strategies around 3 essential questions.

Seth Godin on the 3 Essential Skills Every Entrepreneur Should Cultivate

Changing your way of thinking can change your whole approach to your business. Here's how.

Seth Godin on Why You Can't Wait to Get Noticed

Success won't be handed to you and the traditional safety net has disappeared, so why not jump in?

Seth Godin on Dealing With Critics and Rejection

The popular marketing guru on how to deal with rejection and still unlock your ability to do amazing things.

Lessons from Seth Godin on Embracing Uncertainty

Why getting comfortable with failure is part of the entrepreneurial struggle.

Marketing Wizard Seth Godin on Success and Inspiration

He has one of the most-loved marketing blogs, has penned more than a dozen bestselling books and launched a social site that attracts more than 50 million viewers per month. Yet he makes little effort to cultivate a following. Here, in his first-ever major profile, Seth Godin shares how he does it.

4 Inspiring TED Talks for Young Treps

From business books to online classes, learning the ropes of starting up is easier than ever. TED talks can also be enlightening for aspiring young entrepreneurs.

Seth Godin on Taking Risks and Entrepreneurship

Business iconoclast Seth Godin talks about trying out new ideas with Bryan Elliott for 'Behind the Brand.'

Seth Godin on Conquering Fear to Start Your Own Business

Marketing expert Seth Godin talks about breaking free of the status quo with Bryan Elliott for 'Behind the Brand.'

Seth Godin on Failing Until You Succeed

Author Seth Godin shares his views on taking risks, challenging the status quo and starting a business with Bryan Elliott for 'Behind the Brand.' (20:34)

Seth Godin on the Importance of Curiosity

Marketing guru Seth Godin talks about our culture, business and the need for wonder in a conversation with Bryan Elliott for 'Behind the Brand.'

Seth Godin on Testing Out New Ideas

The celebrated author talks about experimenting and problem solving with Bryan Elliott for 'Behind the Brand.'

Seth Godin on Personal Branding

The business gadfly talks about connecting with customers for 'Behind the Brand' with Bryan Elliott.

Seth Godin on How He Started As an Entrepreneur

Author and blogger Seth Godin speaks about business success with Bryan Elliott for 'Behind the Brand.'

Seth Godin on Psychological Traps That Hold People Back

Business book author Seth Godin talks about the dangers of asking permission with Bryan Elliott for 'Behind the Brand.'

Seth Godin on Taking the Initiative

The leading business thinker talks about the dangers of conformity and the rewards of taking risks with Bryan Elliott for 'Behind the Brand.'

Seth Godin and the Entrepreneurial Revolution

The popular author on how small-business owners can win in today's economy: Be indispensible, and do work that makes a difference.

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