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Quirky: The Solution to the Innovator's Dilemma

At the age of 24, Ben Kaufman already has a successful startup track record. With Quirky, he's tapped into the power of open innovation and created a place where anyone can become an inventor.

The Innovators: Union Square Hospitality Group's Danny Meyer

The New York restaurateur talks about starting and growing a successful business.

The Innovators: Sweet Riot's Sarah Endline

The founder of an upstart chocolate-maker talks about how she's building a community around products with a social mission.

The Innovators: Foursquare's Dennis Crowley

The co-founder of a popular mobile app talks about how his company got started.

Stumptown's Duane Sorenson, the Coffee Connoisseur

This innovator elevated coffee to a level of appreciation on par with gourmet food and fine wine. An inside look at how the company helped launch a culture of coffee aficionados.

The Innovators: Docstoc's Jason Nazar

The co-founder of an online community for sharing professional documents talks about the challenges of nurturing a new business concept.

The Innovators: YouWeb's Peter Relan

The founder of a videogame incubator talks about nurturing game developers as entrepreneurs.

The Innovators: Nifty After Fifty's Sheldon Zinberg

The founder of a fitness center for 50-somethings shares his views on pioneering a new business concept. (02:42)

The Innovators: Blik Wall Graphics' Scott Flora

The co-founder of a startup interior-design products maker on starting a new company and nurturing new business ideas. (02:28)

Carving a Niche in Digital Music Distribution

The Orchard's early insight into digital distribution of music is proving bountiful -- and helping independent musicians get on the radar.

A Record Label Mines the Past for Music Aficionados and Collectors

The Numero Group mines the past to forge the future of record labels--aiming at a reliable market of music aficionados and collectors.

An Innovative Recording Studio Goes Mobile

The best artists in the business want to lay down their tracks at Allen Sides' Ocean Way Recording. Now he's taking his state-of-the-art studio expertise to them.

The Dusty Groove America Record Store Keeps on Spinning

The world of music retail keeps spinning at Dusty Groove America

The Innovators: Ace Hotels' Alex Calderwood

The founder of a group of hip hotels talks about how he fosters innovation in the workplace.

The Innovators: Dannijo's Jodie & Danielle Snyder

The founders of a fashion jewelry collection talk about their journey as an upstart brand in the ever-changing fashion business.

The Innovators: Behance's Scott Belsky

The founder of a network for creative professionals shares his thoughts on ideas, execution and innovation.

The Innovators: Sweet Revenge's Marlo Scott

Entrepreneur Magazine's April Innovator and cover story profile shares her thoughts on inspiration, innovation and launching a business in a downturn.

The Innovators: HARO's Peter Shankman

The founder of a service that connects journalists and sources talks about work, fun and trust.

The Innovators: Thrillist's Adam Rich

The co-founder of a trendy newsletter for guys talks about innovation, creativity and harnessing new ideas.

The Innovators: SmugMug's Don and Chris MacAskill

The founders on an upstart photo-sharing service talk about starting their business.

The Innovators: Blackboard Eats' Maggie Nemser

The founder of the restaurant deal site on the challenges of launching an innovative startup.

The Innovators: Adafruit's Limor Fried

The founder of the New York kit company talks about innovation, R&D and customer feedback.

The Innovators: MakerBot's Bre Pettis

The co-founder of a young Brooklyn company talks about innovation and open-source hardware.

The Innovators: ADstruc's John Laramie

The founder of an outdoor-ad marketplace on innovation and entrepreneurship.

The Innovators: deviantART's Angelo Sotira

The co-founder and chief executive of the online artist community talks about building a 14 million member social network.
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