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Business Looks for Important Meetings
This year femininity will rule the boardroom.

"Although a smart black pant suit will always carry confidently, modern dresses with jackets reclaim a place in the boardroom," says Mario Bisio, owner of luxury apparel store Mario's (www.marios.com). "Rounded club collars and shorter, three-quarter sleeved jackets bring a refreshing change to the menswear cuts that have predominated women's business attire."

In addition, here are two more trends to look for:

  • Wide-leg pants are the answer to last year's skinny pants trend. Opt for khaki or linen trousers and balance out the look with a fitted double-breasted jacket or oxford blouse.
  • High-waisted pencil skirts are a chic way to bring the high-waist trend into the office. Details like buttons or belts will make your waist look smaller and your stomach flatter.

Women's Fashion - 3Casual Looks
Business casual is not the same as after-work casual. Leave the jeans at home and opt for a comfortable yet pretty dress, instead.

Thankfully, this year's dresses are flattering for just about any body shape. Look for a sleek, A-line dress or shirtdress in a solid color, or a wrap dress in a bold print. Opt for a dress with an appropriate sleeve length, depending on the season, and a fabric that isn't too clingy.

Pair bold colors such as yellow, with classic black and white.

Evening Looks for Client Dinners
"Black is your friend," says Nicole Williams, founder and editor-in-chief of WORKS, a career management brand for women. Supply your wardrobe with black staples such as pants and three-quarter length jackets and skirts, which are clean, classic and always look sophisticated.

Women's Fashion - 2"Basic black pieces can also stretch your clothing budget, because they endure through changing seasons and trends," Williams says. "When you're dressing for a full day of work and cocktails, you can use black basics to take you from day to night." She also suggests swapping your button-down shirt for something more bare and colorful, and adding a pair of earrings and strappy shoes.

Shoes and Accessories
This season's shoes come in a variety of bright colors and bold prints, allowing you to dress up your basic office pieces with a surprise splash of color. Try pairing a bold-colored pump such as red or yellow with charcoal trousers, or an animal-print ballet flat with black pants. Also look for metallics in varying shades to add a fresh new twist and compliment hard-to-match colors like navy and purple.

Women's Fashion - 4Whether you're building your wardrobe or simply looking to update your style, follow these basic commandments of style from Nicole Williams:

  • Restrain yourself. Never let your accessories wear you. Big, chunky jewelry can look fantastic, but limit yourself to one key piece. Wear one or two rings, max. And choose jewelry you really love; it's a great way to develop your signature style and express your personality. Jewelry with a story--your grandmother's earrings, the bracelet you bought to celebrate a milestone, your engagement ring--is beautiful and often becomes a conversation starter.
  • Invest in accessories. Think about it this way: You're not going to wear the same pair of pants all week (one would hope), but your bag or briefcase is a constant companion. Clients, employees and colleagues all notice what's draped on your arm. Invest in a quality piece that reflects your style. And in this age of laptops, cell phones and PDAs, a bag that will carry both your purse and your hardware is a lifesaver.
  • Focus on your feet. There's nothing like killer heels to make you fell confident and powerful. You don't have to buy stock in Manolo Blahnik, but a great pair of shoes can make all the difference in your look. From a fabulous stiletto to a gorgeous pair of boots, your footwear is the finishing touch. Just make sure your footwear is polished and clean--a detail that people really do notice.
  • Sweat the small stuff. We're talking fine details--shave or wax your legs if you'll be wearing a skirt. Take a hard look in the mirror and if your upper lip needs waxing, by all means, do it yourself or have a professional do the honors. Make sure your eyebrows are shaped, waxed or plucked so they open your eyes. Keep yourself looking polished. People don't necessarily notice if you're groomed, but they definitely notice when you're not.

In the business world, hair is your most visible accessory, so it's important to get a cut that fits the image you want to portray.

"There's really no one 'hairstyle' for 2008," says Julien Farel, celebrity stylist and owner of Julien Farel Salon. "A hairstyle is about honing the best of your personality."

Here are two of Farel's favorite ways to get office-ready hair that's young, elegant and fashion-trendy:

1. For long hair: For an easy, classic look, comb a gel spray through your hair and create a very long, low part. Pull everything into a low ponytail and use a flat iron to smooth out the ends. End with a finishing spray for shine to create a very runway look.

2. For short hair: Get a signature haircut. Go for a short bob with bangs, like Katie Holmes', or a trendy bob like Victoria Beckham's. "A lot of women, even as executives, copy these haircuts because they want to still look sleek and sexy, even though they look professional."

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