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You may hear some outrageous statements in the course of a sales presentation for a business opportunity. Here's a quick guide to decoding the hype:

Seller Says: "I only have five packages left in this area."
Translation: "I will sell as many of these programs as possible because I'm on straight commission, but I want to create some urgency in your mind."

Seller Says: "Our operators earn huge money in just a few hours of their spare time."
Translation: "I have no idea whether you'll make one nickel with this program. We don't know how our buyers are doing because they don't report their business to us."

Seller Says: "The answer is in the numbers, and numbers don't lie!"
Translation: "There are only three kinds of lies: small white lies, medium-sized lies and numbers."

Seller Says: "This is a smart, affordable package."
Translation: "It fits on one or two credit cards, whether you can afford it or not."

Seller Says: "This program usually costs $5,000, but today only, if you commit now, you can steal it for $2,999."
Translation: "We have never actually sold this program for more than $2,999."

Seller Says: "I'm not supposed to tell you this, but our top producer grossed $150,000 last year!"
Translation: "Our top producer last year was the owner's son, who operated three locations and actually lost money after expenses."

Andrew A. Caffey is a practicing attorney in the Washington, D.C., area and an internationally recognized specialist in franchise and business opportunity law. You can reach him at

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