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Choose the Right Incubator for Your Startup

To be competitive, pitch your company early and often. If you can't articulate your company’s value proposition to family, friends and peers, then your company’s story won't... (more)

How to Start an International Travel Tour Business

Just as there are a host of security and business regulations concerning the tour business in the United States, so you need to expect that in Morocco (or any other country) as well. How you go... (more)

How to Create a Fair and Equitable Partnership From Day One

You should certainly register your business with your state's labor department.. As for the type of entity you elect, that will depend on a variety of factors that I cannot address without... (more)

This Caterer Wants to Be an Event Planner. Our Experts Suggests Some First Steps.

Branching out from your current catering business into the world of event planning will take a multi-pronged approach. First off, get talking. Reach out to your current network of suppliers and... (more)

Looking to Hire a Manager? Read These 4 Tips First.

It's refreshing to learn that you have immediately recognized that you are not the right person to lead the company. I admire that as that's one of the key qualities of a leader --... (more)

Being Interviewed by the Press? Here's How to Prepare.

Attracting the attention of a major publication means that your company is doing something right. Here are a few tips after having tried, failed and finally succeeded with giving interviews over... (more)

Will My Star-Wars Themed Product Idea Get Me Sued?

You’re right to wonder about the legality of “inspired by...” products. U.S. Copyright laws clearly state that only the work’s “author” has the right to... (more)

4 Best Practices for Making a Business Offer

Typically, the buyer does not have to prove to the seller that they are the best party to purchase the company. Sure, current owners will want to have peace of mind that the business they put their... (more)

Before You Sign Up For a Coding Class, Do This

This is a pretty common question and there are generally two different ways to tackle this. The first way is to ask a question of yourself: what exactly are you trying to build? If you know exactly... (more)

Looking to Stand Out? Stake Out Your Niche

Your business will need to bring value to users, both customers and restaurants, and compete with established leaders like Yelp and Groupon. To be successful, you need to reach enough diners to... (more)

Understand This Before Joining the Family Business

Going into business with family can be difficult so it's important to get everything in writing and not relay on a handshake. The best way to solidify the partnership is to get a lawyer to... (more)

Mixing Business and Friendship? Read This First.

Kudos to you for wanting to get your lawyer involved. Many small business owners will draw up their own papers with close friends, and both the friendship and the business suffer. Your attorney can... (more)

How Your App Can Turn a Profit

Congratulations: You’re on the right track. Thinking about monetization at the initial stages of development is essential to a successful game. You need to have a solid revenue model to... (more)

Want to Start an Investment Company? Go it Alone First.

My first reaction here is to ask if you have any background in the industry. One option is to invest for your own account, develop a successful track record in so doing, and then with that track... (more)

Letting Investors Know About Your New Venture

As of this year, yes, but with an important caveat. Last year, the Security and Exchange Commission lifted the 80-year ban on &quo (more)

The Basics of Pitching Investors

To create a great mission statement, the best resource is which gives tons of examples. However, I don't think that's going to solve your challenge. W (more)

Whose Trademark Is It Anyway?

Great questions -- and you’ve stumbled upon a reason that it really helps to have trademark counsel advising you so that you don’t waste time or money. The short answer is: it... (more)

Effective Employee Management? Look to the Golden Rule.

My professional theory is as basic as treating people as you wish to be treated. Lead through example (e.g., be on time and “present” for meetings; talk only when you have something of... (more)

Put Your Best Foot Forward at Conferences and Trade Shows

Go to conferences where you can meet either of these two groups of people: potential clients and potential referral partners. Potential partners include people who serve your potential clients, or... (more)

How Can I Tell If There Will Be Strong Demand for My Product?

There are two parts to this question.  A) How big/healthy is the market you are trying to enter (or, what is your primary demand)? And, B) is there an opportunity within that market for you... (more)
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