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Entrepreneur Magazine

Fair Financing

Female entrepreneurs are still working for it.
Franchise Zone

Minorities In Franchising

Do minority franchisees get stuck with undesirable locations in inner city areas?
Entrepreneur Magazine

Perfect Forum

Dive off Springboard into the pool of venture capital.
Entrepreneur Magazine


In the United States and abroad, pros give small firms a helping hand.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Disabled Entrepreneurs

Self-employment pushed as option for the disabled
Entrepreneur Magazine


New high-tech bridge loan fund
Startup Basics


Entrepreneurial centers focus on those who've served.

Start Yer Engines

Find out how these four recent graduates are helping college students realize their dreams of entrepreneurship.
Angel Investors

Sticky Money

The Web catches customers. Why not use it to catch investors?
Entrepreneur Magazine

Doing Europe

She went, she saw, she came home with entrepreneurial success.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Tech Firms

An SBA site offers marketing opportunities.
Entrepreneur Magazine


Get answers to exporting questions.
Entrepreneur Magazine


Economic development and business financing rolled into one
Entrepreneur Magazine

Group Effort

Minorities in franchising: what works, what doesn't and what can be done about it
Venture and Angel Investors

No Beggars Here

Don't jump at any VC who waves a checkbook in your direction-do your research first.
Startup Financing

They're Certifiable!

Need big bucks? Find accredited investors.
Entrepreneur Magazine


Corporate America reaches out to entrepreneurs.
Entrepreneur Magazine


Tech start-ups get boost from scholarships offered by a local business club.
Entrepreneur Magazine

A Few Good Women

. . . are needed to fill a communications industry void.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Inside Investing

Ever wonder what goes on behind the doors of a venture capital firm?
Entrepreneur Magazine


Credit card company creates entrepreneur-friendly program.
Entrepreneur Magazine


Business-plan contest targets Peach State entrepreneurs.
Legal Basics For Startups


Free legal help available
Protecting Your Idea


Center answers intellectual property questions.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Wanna Make Millions?

This contest makes it possible
Entrepreneur Magazine

Money Master

Helping women overcome their Achilles' heel
Bank Loans and Microloans

In For the Count

Sharing the wealth is what it's all about.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Raising Money

The secret to your financial smarts might be in the way you were brought up.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Culture Club

Cultural diversity is this entrepreneur's game.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Doing It For Themselves

Woman investors are changing business.
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