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Five Real-Life Franchise Funding Success Stories

Having trouble landing your share of funding? These true-life stories will show you how five other entrepreneurs did it.
Startup Basics

Wealthy Returns

Get-rich-quick seminars promise the American dream, but do they really deliver? Our writer went undercover to find out.

Springboard Boot Camp Reveals Trends in VC Funding

It's a different VC world than it was a few years ago--but one that many women business owners find appealing.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Ladies in Waiting

Will franchising ever be a woman's world?
Franchise Buying Guide

In the Money

True stories of "how I got my franchise start-up capital"
Entrepreneur Magazine

The Job That Never Ends

Beating the local business community's drum is a lot harder than it used to be.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Who's to Judge?

Wait and see what Bush does for women entrepreneurs. And wait . . . and wait . . .
Entrepreneur Magazine

Mixing It Up

They may not have the numbers yet, but women are making waves in the traditionally all-boy world of franchising.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Olden Days

Will the stock market suffer as boomers use investments to live on in retirement?
Entrepreneur Magazine

Fed Up?

Slow pay, bundled contracts, low profits . . . is government contracting even worth it?
Entrepreneur Magazine

Corporate Comforts

The right relationship with a corporate insider can bring out the best in both worlds.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Now What?

The SBA's got a new leader. Now all it needs is a decent
Growing Your Business

All Tied Up

When does owning too much of your own company get to be a conflict of interest?
Entrepreneur Magazine

Gender Blender

Boys don't have cooties, so don't be afraid to mingle at mixed-gender functions.
Entrepreneur Magazine

It's Your Move

How to make it through when cash is tight
Franchise Buying Guide

Bargain Hunters

In search of the ridiculously inexpensive franchise
Entrepreneur Magazine

Small Ideas

Why is it that some women never look beyond the term "small-business owner"?
Entrepreneur Magazine

What's Going On?

The latest in upcoming events, plus grants, loans and programs
Entrepreneur Magazine

Take Me to Your Leader

New Senate committee head says he'll look at big issues in a small-business light.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Planning a Stag Party?

Hold off on the keg. Experts are still debating whether stagflation will show up.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Pool Party

Women's money and women's businesses coming together for the good of all women

Do You Need an Accountant?

Accountants are more than number-crunchers; they can be an integral part of your strategic planning team.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Mass Appeal

Reaching consumers nationwide is this restaurateur's plan for her healthy fast-food business. What will it take?
Entrepreneur Magazine

Something Ventured

From angels to vcs, new roads for investment capital continue to open up.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Lost Count

The U.S. Census Bureau gets stingier about classifying businesses as women-owned.
Startup Financing

Learn by Pitching

Business plan competitions and venture forums might be nerve-racking, but they can also get you the cash you need.
Startup Basics

Where Do You Stand?

Some say the new administration isn't exactly oozing with support for new start-ups; some say help is on the way. So what's the truth?
Entrepreneur Magazine

What's Going On?

This month: online help for small-biz owners, film financing and a competition for young female entrepreneurs
Startup Basics

Girl School

What makes a young woman want to own a business? A little education will help.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Campus Invasion

Silicon Valley, the Wharton School is headed your way.
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