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Keep Tabs on Cash Flow

If the money disappears, so does your business.

Board Relations

When investors ask for a board seat, weigh your options before pulling out the leather chair.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Playing Favorites

Striking a balance between sales, profits and cash flow may mean giving one the upper hand.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Making Mint

By helping people manage their money, this entrepreneur is earning his.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Venture Debt

When times are tough, look to nonbank lenders for venture debt.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Snack Attack

When market pressures forced these entrepreneurs to re-evaluate, going nuts was not an option.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Prize Surprise

Entrepreneurs are competing for the gold--and getting much more in the process.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Fountain of Youth

This savvy entrepreneur is out to prove that investing's for all ages.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Energizing Profits

When it comes to maximizing the savings in energy-saving, Steve Gossett is on top of the trend--and he's making bank, too.
Entrepreneur Magazine

It's a Given

Success means nothing to these charitable entrepreneurs unless they're giving back.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Loyalty Pays

Show investors you care, and they'll show you the money.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Credit for a Change

In the world of vending machines, plastic is the new silver.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Your Best Offering

Ready to tackle an IPO? Here's what you'll need to make all the right moves and avoid the wrong ones.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Big Deal

Organizing multimillion-dollar investments is all in a day's work for this software company.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Practice Your Money Management Skills

Marketocracy is taking its virtual investing platform into the real world by pooling user advice.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Getting Ready for the Public Eye?

As IPOs become viable again, what can you do to prepare your company?
Entrepreneur Magazine

Out of the Woods

A company that gives growing businesses the funds and resources to go big? Sounds like a job for Robin Hood.
Entrepreneur Magazine

So Long, Big Guys

A handbag designer boosts profits--and its image--by shunning mass retail distribution.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Acquired Taste

Who says you have to build your company from the ground up? A solid acquisition strategy could be a recipe for faster, more profitable growth.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Watch Out for VC Scams

Looking to raise capital? You could be a target for con artists. To avoid getting scammed, stay on the alert--and trust your gut.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Better Business

Here's how one insurance company takes corporate philanthropy to the next level.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Better Than Ever

This brewery's online venture soured, so its owners poured energy into their brick-and-mortar.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Fantasy Finance

The funding is fake, but the knowledge is real in this online stock market game.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Follow the Lead

Seeking capital to finance expansion? Streamline your search for the perfect investor by using an online database.
Legal Center

Ready to Report

It may get a little easier for businesses to play by the rules.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Loan Ranger

One VC firm is lending a helping hand to fledgling companies.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Media Mogul

Making deals for unsold airtime helped this entrepreneur fund business growth.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Customer Appreciation

In need of funds for growth, an entrepreneur looks to those who know his products best.

Your Business Financing Paper Trail

Proper fundraising requires carefully prepared documentation at every step. Here's what investors expect--and what the law requires.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Members Only

This company's membership program is a win-win for customers and the bottom line.

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