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Putting People Before Money

It's the idea behind relationship-based franchising, says Service Brands franchisor David McKinnon.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Home(town) Decor

While she was off in Chicago, Green Bay grew up--and became the perfect spot for her business.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Law & Pretzels

A title like that might not make for a very exciting TV show, but it's this ex-lawyer's life story.
Entrepreneur Magazine

What's New

Reducing health-care costs for corporate clients

No Boys Allowed

GirlsGoingOut.Com proves you don't need testosterone to have a good time.

Lil' Angels Photography

Owning your own business is a snap with this franchise.

Elliott & Co. Appraisers

Put your real estate appraisal skills to work.

Small But Mighty

Franchisors reduce store and investment size to expand their brands.
One on One

Do Your Homework

A Pizza Hut franchisee shares the steps he took when researching his franchise.
Big Idea

In the Spotlight

Express Oil change uses the power of song to bring customers and the media to their centers.
Franchise Zone

Extreme Expansion

Extreme Pizza, a Bay Area favorite, makes the leap from regional to national chain.
Franchise Zone

Are Inner City Franchise Programs Working?

The opportunities and investors are out there, but they're having problems finding each other.
Entrepreneur Magazine

From the Ground Up

This franchisee didn't just wing it: He learned how to run a fast-food restaurant by working there first.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Home Again . . . and Again

Buy homes, fix 'em, sell 'em: How these franchisees make money
Entrepreneur Magazine

What's New

Offering an alternative to high-priced hair color

Health Insurance for the Furry

Men have it. Women have it. Children have it. Why shouldn't pets have health insurance, too?

Candy Bouquet

Find your own sweet spot with a homebased candy business.

Nite Time Decor

Proper lighting isn't just good for reading--with this franchise, it's good for your bottom line.
Day In The Life

School's In

A student finds the best way to learn about business is by running a College Pro franchise.
Franchise Zone

Exclusively Yours

Having a protected territory is a good thing, right?
Franchise Zone

A Family Affair

A teenage project becomes a full-fledged business for the two brothers who started the education franchise, The Mad Science Group.
Big Idea

To Top It Off

A franchise finds its customers will gobble up almost anything, including bugs.

Making Lemonade

Many laid-off workers are using their severance pay to invest in a franchise.
Entrepreneur Magazine

The Family Jewelers

A son uses a franchise to follow in his father's jewelry-fixing footsteps.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Moving Pictures

Customers are touched by this couple's video productions.
Entrepreneur Magazine

What's New

Taking Louisiana French Quarter food to the rest of America

Cafe Ala Carte

With a cart-based coffee business, you can create a buzz in more ways than one.

Spectrum Unlimited LLC

Creating personalized birthday greetings--what could be simpler?
Day In The Life

Exceeding Expectations

Grateful for what he's been given, Ronald Johnson works to give opportunities to others.

Watch and Learn

Building a business on fulfilling every parent's wish: cameras in day-care centers
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