Geoff Williams

Geoff Williams has written for numerous publications, including Entrepreneur, Consumer Reports, LIFE and Entertainment Weekly. He also is the author of Living Well with Bad Credit.

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Business Ideas

Salvage Operation

Think there's no money to be made from refuse? With a little ingenuity, you may be surprised.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Will Work for Pizza

Is this entrepreneur's ad campaign helping homeless people—or exploiting them?
Entrepreneur Magazine

The Father of Spam

Half of all e-mail sent today is spam. What does the man who started it all think of it now?
Entrepreneur Magazine

Doing Your Part?

If it's the duty of every American to spend, then businesses must give something of value back.
Startup Basics

Guiding Light

Feeling a little lost at the helm of your business? Don't worry: A peer group can help you find your way out of the darkness.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Threat Level: Low

This CEO doesn't worry about cyberterrorism-and he says you shouldn't, either.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Green Machines

Can you make a difference and make your business work, too? This entrepreneur says yes.
Growing Your Business

Ready to Take Your Business Up a Notch?

You might think you're doing your best in business. But sometimes extreme measures are the only things that'll help you grow.
Entrepreneur Magazine

New Frontiers

Entrepreneurs can help lead Afghans to a better future, says this businessman.
Compensation and Benefits

Family Matters

Could giving employees paid family leave actually leave your company stronger?
Entrepreneur Magazine

Fat Chance

The skinny on marketing bad-for-you foods
Entrepreneur Magazine

Comic Belief

Is leadership really a crock? The creator of the comic strip Dilbert thinks so.
Entrepreneur Magazine

The Lowdown

This expert says tech has to get even worse before it can start getting better.
Startup Basics

Cool Aid

Don't go the startup route alone. Help is right around the corner--and it's free.
Growth Strategies

Diversifying Your Business

Want to know one surefire method to keep your business growing? It's high time you diversified.
Entrepreneur Magazine

I Dream of Genes

Meet a man with the courage to see human genetics as the business opportunity it is.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Get the Picture?

Portrait of a branding artist: how to market your products by marketing yourself first
Entrepreneur Magazine

Now You Hear It

Now that Napster's gone, we're left wondering how not only survives but thrives.
Hiring Center

Now Hiring

There comes a time when every start-up entrepreneur just can't do it alone anymore. Is it time to find your first employee?
Entrepreneur Magazine

New School

Entrepreneurship is setting its own curriculum at one innovative high school.
Entrepreneur Magazine

The Good Fight

The ASBA leader tells us just whose side his group is on.

Starting a Sports or Recreation Business

If you love sports and want to start a business, why not combine the two?

Make an Impact With Your Image

We hope your potential customers are bracing themselves--because your business is about to make some serious noise.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Let's Get Creative

Creativity is what makes the world go round. How do you keep from missing the ride?
Entrepreneur Magazine

Double Your Fun

Carl Prindle gives a dotcom disaster one more chance--and this time, he's in charge.

Innovative Model

Joey Reiman has thought up stuff you've only dreamed about--and now he's going to share his secrets of innovation with you.
Franchise Buying Guide

Keep Thinking

Follow the lead of these franchisees who took their ideas to the corporate office and changed the way their franchises did business.
Finding Ideas

Looks Like Rain

If you've thought and thought and still haven't come up with any great ideas, don't sweat. We've got the tips to turn your bone-dry brainstorming sessions into hurricane-force innovation.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Let's Chat

With what we've learned from the master of small talk, we have plenty to say.

The Worst That Could Happen

It's time to face your worst business nightmares. Don't cover your ears and cringe until you hear how you can prepare yourself.
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