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Sales Techniques

How Healthy Are Your Sales?

Give your sales a checkup by analyzing crucial data.
Entrepreneur Magazine

The Price Is Right

But what should reps do if the customer disagrees?
Entrepreneur Magazine

Break It Up

How to deal when a customer doesn't like your rep
Entrepreneur Magazine

All That Jazz

Be the star of your next presentation with these tips for wowing your audience.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Make It Snappy

Use an elevator speech to captivate customers.
Entrepreneur Magazine

By the Book

To make the most of your sales team, read up.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Surface Tension

Give reps a break before their stress bubbles over.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Money Talks

Motivate sales reps with the almighty dollar.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Split Decision

Is hiring part-time sales reps a good idea?
Tips from Experts

Closer Call

Looking for a few good salespeople? Start here.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Bags to Riches

A handbag creator uses home parties to reach multimillion-dollar sales.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Use Your Intuition

A keen eye for trends helps this style-setter attract all the right people to her boutique.

Making Your Case

Think client testimonials are just icing on the cake? Think again. Case studies can be powerful sales vehicles for your company.

Making Your Case

Think client testimonials are just icing on the cake? Think again. Case studies can be powerful sales vehicles for your company.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Not Lost in Translation

Marketing tactics from abroad can work just as well here, too.
Tips from Experts

Remote Control

Allowing sales reps to work off-site definitely has its perks, but before you try it, be sure telecommuting makes sense for your business.
Tips from Experts

Share the Wealth

If you've got one superstar handling all your top accounts, it's time to redistribute the work--and the risk.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Training Day

Need a sales trainer to whip your staff into shape? Here's how to find a winning coach.
Tips from Experts

Green With Envy?

Don't let the green-eyed monster capsize your team. Use these techniques to bring a sales superstar onboard without rocking the boat.
Finding Prospects

Learn Your Lines

It takes practice to sell successfully over the phone--and you need a stellar sales pitch to capture customers. We've got 8 steps to help you create one.
Tips from Experts

Quality Time

Not getting what you want out of your sales meetings? Here are 5 tips to point you in the right direction.
Tips from Experts

Got Stress?

If your sales reps are under pressure and burning out, try these tips to get them back on track.
Tips from Experts

Leading the Pack

Have you got what it takes to lead your sales team to success? Find out which qualities our experts picked as must-haves for sales management.
Tips from Experts

Fighting Mad

Is infighting among your sales reps sidelining your business? Try these tips to get back on track.
Tips from Experts

Trump Card

Could adopting a straight-commission system be a good bet for your business?
Entrepreneur Magazine

Short and Sweet

Speeding up your regular sales cycle is an excellent way to make your company's profits soar sky-high. So what are you waiting for?

Give 'Em Space

A well-designed work space, that is. After all, it could make a huge difference in the way your sales team performs.
Entrepreneur Magazine

End Game

The year's almost over, but it's no time to let your guard down. What can you do to keep sales from going into hibernation?
Entrepreneur Magazine

Passing the Torch

You've found the right person to replace you. But could things heat up when you Introduce that person to your sales team?
Tips from Experts

Along for the Ride

Losing touch with your reps? Regular ride-alongs can help keep the connection alive.

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