Tom Hopkins

Tom Hopkins is world-renowned as "the builder of sales champions." For the past 30 years, he's provided superior sales training through his company, Tom Hopkins International.

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Smart, Easy Ways to Find Customers
Finding Customers

Smart, Easy Ways to Find Customers

Need to find sales prospects, but don't know where to start? Use these easy prospecting tips for finding the right people in your target market.
Customer Service

Building Client Relationships

Cultivating client relationships goes beyond good customer service-if you truly care about your clients, then they'll care about you.
Managing Employees

The Importance of Individual Sales Goals

Give your salespeople personalized attention so they perform at their peak.
Closing the Sale

Top 10 Sales Killers

Our expert shares the most common mistakes salespeople make--so you don't get caught making them!
How to Hire Your First Salesperson
Hiring Center

How to Hire Your First Salesperson

Are you getting too much business to handle yourself? Here's how to find a salesperson that'll support your growing startup.
Sales Techniques

Using Technology to Your Advantage

Simple tips for staying on top of your sales game
Finding Prospects

Selling to Other Cultures

Do you have prospects whose primary language isn't English? Avoid getting your foot caught in your mouth and accidentally offending them by understanding their unique cultural needs.
Customer Service

Do Your Customers Feel Ignored?

You may be losing business without even knowing it. Romance your customers into coming back with these ways to make them feel special.
Closing the Sale

The No. 1 Key to Closing the Sale

Want to know the secret to getting your customers to buy? It's simple--just ask!
Sales Techniques

How to Manage Your Time

Make more money--and avoid burning out--with this advice for better managing your selling time.
Closing the Sale

The Benefits of Low-Key Selling

Don't intimidate your customers with pushy sales tactics--put them at ease so they want to buy.
Sales Techniques

How to Beat the Money Objection

Keep customers from shopping around by proving why your product is the best, even when it's not the cheapest.

Sales Call Success Tips

Dread calling potential clients? Avoid rejection and make the sale with these eight essential phone skills.
Sales Techniques

8 Tips for a Successful Sales Call

Learn the vital telephone skills every salesperson needs to avoid rejection.

Closing the Sale

Want to close sales like a star? Learn how to ask the right questions and never watch prospects walk away.
Sales Techniques

Sales Success Begins in Your Mind

Feeling inadequate lately? Here are five mottos to live by when faced with sales failure.
Customer Service

How to Handle an Angry Client

Try these nine tactics to positively resolve disputes with clients.
Closing the Sale

Why Silence Is Crucial to Sales Success

Remembering these eight simple words will help bring all your sales efforts to a successful end.
Closing the Sale

Closing the Sale

Learn how to ask the right questions that will help you complete each sale like a star.

Choose the Right Sales Pitch

If you're bored with your pitch, it's a sure bet your prospects are too. Here's how to tailor the pitch to the prospect.

Giving Champion Presentations

Follow these tips to make all your presentations and demonstrations winners.
Sales Techniques

How to Multiply Your Effectiveness

Learn how to vary your presentations to get the most from your sales efforts.
Sales Techniques

Become a Sales Pro

Improve your sales by adopting the 10 characteristics of successful salespeople.
Closing the Sale

When Buyers Hesitate

Follow this advice if customers aren't jumping at the chance to purchase your product or service.
Closing the Sale

Ask for the Sale

Customers may not buy if they don't know you're ready to sell.
Sales Techniques

Breaking Through Your Customers' Defense Barriers

Before you get down to the business of selling, you must establish rapport with your prospects. This sales expert can show you how.
Sales Techniques

Overcoming the "It Costs Too Much" Objection

The price of your product doesn't have to be a hurdle any longer. Try these techniques for getting past "no."
Sales Techniques

It Really Is What You Say That Counts

Don't scare off your prospects with the wrong words. Here are five terms you should avoid--and what you should say instead--to help you close the deal.

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