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The Future of QSR Franchising

Posted by Tracy Stapp Herold | August 14, 2009
future-franchise.jpgA recent story in QSR Magazine looks at what the year 2030 might have in store for the quick-service industry. Sadly, none of the more than 20 experts consulted for the article addressed how drive-thrus will accommodate flying cars. Some of the ideas they did bring up do sound pretty wild, though. Then again, we'd have probably thought the same thing if someone had predicted 20 years ago that our cars would give us directions to the nearest McDonald's or that we'd be able to order pizza with our computers. So, if you want some insight into what the future may hold for quick-service franchises, here are a few highlights:

Be sure to read the entire article at, then share your thoughts. What do you think of the future these experts envision for the quick-service industry? Are there any innovations they missed that you see on the horizon, or even just hope for (besides the flying cars, of course)? Will quick-service franchises embrace new technologies and lead the way into the future, or will they resist? And how do you think these changes will affect the franchise world if and when they do come to pass?