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Inside the January 2011 Issue


Clean Tech's New Boss

Hara founder Amit Chatterjee brings a software angle to the green scene.

The Envelope Please... The Entrepreneur of 2010 Awards

Meet Entrepreneur(R) Magazine's Entrepreneur of 2010 award winners.


Editor's Note
Franchises are pursuing success with a renewed focus on saving money and greater value.
Lead Gen
Lead gen isn't just about message volume, it's about reaching the right audience at the right time.
Doing business without the traditional trappings means equipping employees with the right platforms.
Your Money
Knowing how to navigate online resources and being better prepared can help you trim your travel bills.
A look at the systems that have earned their bragging rights.
Once again it's the economy that is shaping the franchising outlook -- but this time for the better.
By finding its niche in the middle, Hampton Hotels comes out on top.
Value. Affordability. Service. That's the winning combination for success in this year's Franchise 500.
Welcome a new No. 1 and the return of an American institution.
These franchise owners share something in common: An indomitable spirit, which makes their personal stories so enlightening.
Franchise opps for the budget-minded.
You can't always bet on a franchise success, but you can put the odds in your favor.
Consumer spending and hiring aren't expected to increase much in 2011. But for some franchises, it will be a different story.
High-calorie fare is so 2010. Fast food takes a lean turn this year. (You want fries with that oatmeal?)
A first-time review by the U.S. Census Bureau dissects franchising, one stat at a time.
Franchises are embracing the possibilities of social media platforms like Facebook to extend their brands.
How Entrepreneur compiles its megalist of the world's top franchise systems.
Veritas Prep co-founder Chad Troutwine explains how his business successfully competes against industry giants such as Kaplan and The Princeton Review.
Skateboard icon Tony Hawk carves out some time to talk Twitter, Shred and his new business book.
Adam Brotman, Starbucks vice president of digital ventures.
Ask a Pro
Start by asking, 'what are the pain points in my life, and what can I fix in my customers' lives?'
Business Unusual
Jasbina Ahluwalia is making the ancient tradition of Indian matchmaking a 21st century business.
When something looks good on a tiny smartphone screen but hideous in real life.
Crowdfunding sites let entrepreneurs leverage the power of peer persuasion.
What you need to know about the charges behind 401(k) plans to keep your employees happy.
Who Is Getting VC
SocialShield's platform for monitoring kids' online activity attracts $10 million in funding.
Avoid these design missteps and reap the rewards.
Website to Watch
Swipely aims to turn people's purchases into an online conversation by merging shopping with sharing.
Comedian and marketer Kevin Nalty analyzes the success of the Cebu Pacific Airlines video gone viral.
Back Page
When fame and fortune aren't enough to feed the celebrity ego, there's always fast food.
College Startups
A former law student develops an online business that lets anyone -- even his tech-challenged mother -- create a website.
Finance for Startups
Writing one is largely a joke. Seriously.
Wacky Ideas That Just Might Fly
Two Silicon Valley entrepreneurs give kombucha a champagne-colored makeover.
New keyboards offer improved ergonomics to make typing easier. Here are three options for less painful ways to work.
Can't Live With / Can't Live Without
Whether to take data storage online or stay local depends on your risk tolerance. How two entrepreneurs decided.
Mobile Tech
The newest device based on Google's platform takes on the kingpin of business mobile smartphones.
Mobile Tech
A California yogurt shop and other merchants are turning to a new mobile commerce method that sticks it to cash and credit.
Mobile Tech
The three largest U.S. wireless providers have launched websites to hawk their business-focused mobile apps.
Shiny Object of the Month
Communicate your sense of style by connecting the Moshi Moshi 04i to your iPhone.
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