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Inside the February 2011 Issue


The Deviant Experience

How Angelo Sotira turned 14 million independent artists into a groundbreaking social network.

The Secret Sauce Project

What can social media do for an old-school business? Follow Big Papa and find out.

Fastest Growing Franchises of 2010

Check out our list of the systems that outpaced the rest amid a challenging economic environment.

How To Make Marketing Brilliance

Fifteen marketing ideas of 2010 that made us channel our inner Liz Lemon and say, "I want to go to there."

Are You Ready for Your Close Up?

Use online video to market your business. Here's to hoping you don't have a face only a mother could love.


Back Page
Some companies are skilled in the art of advertising and branding. Then there are these guys.
Doing Good
An IT company leader works to provide technology and education to Tampa kids.
Editor's Note
How to get your Gaga on.
Franchise Ink
Three landscapers go from lawns to lanes, forging new ground in the $1 billion business of parking lot striping.
Lead Gen
How a gourmet cupcake shop drove sales using social media without driving away customers -- and how you can, too.
Digital and social media tricks to incorporate the next time you pitch your concept or company to a crowd.
A Fresh Coat Painters franchisee does an extra tour of duty with a job of national importance.
You don't want customers to just buy your product--you want them to get emotional about it.
Forget Monopoly. A new board game trades Marvin Gardens for Saudi cattle farms.
Business users of Apple's new MacBook Air say it's the unit they've been waiting for. But it's price can be a deterrent.
Ask a Pro
Google's recruiter on how to build a superstar team.
Business Unusual
Mark Bello perfected the pizza, then built a business teaching pizza-crazed New Yorkers how to do it themselves.
A word to describe brain pain.
Should you raise money for your company a little bit at a time?
Who Is Getting VC
SeatGeek's engine for predicting ticket pricing in the secondary market attracts a $1 million VC infusion.
Your Money
A fluctuating income is no excuse for getting off track with your personal budget.
Build a Website
Treat every page of your website as if it's the homepage.
Website to Watch
Signpost takes on Groupon as the turf war for social commerce supremacy heats up.
College Startups
Three entrepreneurs on the same mission to facilitate college note-sharing join forces -- and 360,000 students follow.
Finance for Startups
You'll still have to convince venture capitalists that your brilliant inventions aren't a waste of time.
Wacky Ideas That Just Might Fly
A marketing expert turns her skills to the dating scene with a website that advises love-seekers on how to impress.
The financial times, they are a'changing. Keep up or get out, old-timer.
Tablet computers begin to find their business niche as productivity and presentation enhancers.
Laser vs. inkjet is no longer the only consideration when it comes to cost-comparing business printers.
Mac users get access to new e-mail and better PC integration with an updated version of Microsoft’s business software.
A look at a new mobile payroll app for the iPhone, and soon the iPad.
Mobile Tech
TownWizard conjures up mobile travel guides for the nation’s highways and the byways.
Mobile Tech
A one-click data capture iPhone app.
Mobile Tech
Scott McDaniel and Christian Vaneh, Co-Founders, Survey Gizmo, talk about the inspiration for the company and its name.
Mobile Tech
A look at some new applications that aim to amp up business productivity.
Shiny Object of the Month
Lexmark boosts the style factor for all-in-one printers with its new Genesis.
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