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100 Brilliant Companies

Entrepreneur's annual look at the brightest ideas, the hottest industries and the most insightful innovators

Nurturing Natural

This Web hub helps companies communicate their uniqueness and sell their goods.

Billion-Dollar Boys' Club

Restaurants that woo men with attractive waitresses, big beer selections & giant TVs are winning loyal customers--and raking in revenues.

Humble Beginnings

Sometimes the best ideas for launching a business can start right at your kitchen table--and stay there

The Players

These guys aren't playing around. And social-gaming incubator chief Peter Relan is the game master.

Face Lift

Facebook is proving itself a small-business marketing force. Here are three examples of how it's working.

Dollars, Sense and Social Media Marketing

Twiddling with Twitter? Futzing with Facebook? Time spent online is money. So make sure it's paying off.

Rented Friends

An Entrepreneur contributor gets his social media followers the old-fashioned way: He buys them.


Code Read

This Los Angeles-based company helps fans connect with bands and brands using quick-response codes. Plus, a look at other game-changers in the social-media space.

Altitude Adjustment

The San Francisco-based service puts a more streamlined spin on the age-old agony of booking passage. Plus, a look at other game-changers in the travel space.

Life in the App Lane

This self-service app creator aims to make it cheap and easy to go mobile. Plus, a look at other game-changers in the mobile space.

An App to Bring Browsing Back

A hit from the start, this Vancouver, B.C.-based company delivers an (increasingly) personal reading experience for tablet-toters. Plus, a look at other ground-breaking businesses in the media space.


The Chester, Penn.-based wine company's early success shatters long-held industry standards. Plus, a look at other game-changers in the beverages industry.

The New Snack Rack

This vending company reinvents the business by stocking health and information. Plus, a look at other game-changers in the health space.

The Watchmen

This Lafayette, Ind.-based company lets seniors and their families know that someone has their backs. Plus, other game-changers meeting the needs of older consumers.

The Deal Sealer

This new service scans the web to aggregate offers. Plus, a look at other game-changing companies catering to bargain hunters.

Perk Up

This Santa Monica, Calif.-based service boosts benefits for strapped startups. Plus, a look at game changers in the startup business-to-business space.

The Social Sets

This online community tells your network what to wear. Plus, a look at more ground-breakers in social commerce.

Anatomy of the Game

The global gaming industry is expected to reach $40 billion in revenue by 2012.1 Here are some cheat codes to help you win a piece of it.
Doing Good

Nutrition Mission

Two Degrees addresses malnutrition in developing countries with a get-one, give-one sales approach.
Editor's Note

A Vibe of Brilliance

Franchise Ink

Men Without Pants

A unique cleaning franchise recently expanded to the U.S. from Vancouver, British Columbia, via Scotland.

How to Be a Gaming Entrepreneur

So you want to launch the next Farmville? Here's how, as told through a game-design document.

Talking Signs

Your social media strategy should have a solid foundation and fluid outposts where you can connect with customers.

Move, or Lose

Instead of letting a promising deal get away, a Texas couple moves across the state -- and finds even more than they bargained for.
Franchise Ink

Home, But Not Alone

Coffee News owner and CEO Bill Buckley left the financial industry to start a Coffee News franchise out of his home.

Confidence vs. Arrogance

When does confidence cross over into arrogance? Consider these three tips to avoid sabotaging your success.
Ask a Pro

The DNA of M&A

Here's a three-step approach to keeping your brand story straight and your customers in your camp through a roll up.
Business Unusual

A Rocky Path to Green

Paperfeet is building an eco-friendly business out of discarded billboard materials.
The Business Traveler

A Different Kind of Connection

With airline extras dwindling, access to on-board Wi-Fi or TV can dictate who gets your travel budget.
Your Money

Life After Business

'I'll never retire' is a common refrain among ambitious entrepreneurs, but the fact is you are likely to decide to at some point. Here's a look at how to plan for that day.
Build a Website

Make a Game of It

Play up your company's website with rewards and motivate visitors to keep coming back.
Lead Gen

Lights, Camera -- Transaction

Most customers want to see a product in use before they buy it. Posting demos on your web site can generate more traffic -- and conversions.
Website to Watch

Links to the Greater Good

Craig Newmark's new site is designed to bring together a world's worth of helping hands.
College Startups

Valuable Memories

By digitizing old photos and videos, ScanDigital turns picture preservation into a profitable business.
Finance for Startups

Group Thing

Co-founder Sally Outlaw talks about how her site helps fledgling businesses find the money to get started.
Wacky Ideas That Just Might Fly

Smells Like Team Spirit

How an Atlanta entrepreneur launched Stinky Boyz, a line of sports-themed natural shampoos and body washes.
Ask A Geek

The Risk of Convenience

Learn how you can protect your business when it comes to point-of-sale systems for smartphones.
Can't Live With / Can't Live Without

Thunder About Amazon's Cloud

In this month's Can't Live With/Can't Live Without column, two business owners explain their opposing views on the remote computing service for web sites.
Mobile Tech

This Space For Rent

A free service lets entrepreneurs on the move find a quiet, professional space to get some work done.
Shiny Object of the Month

Pocket Hercules

The 4G Atrix offers surprisingly powerful portable working experience.
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