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The Solution to the Innovator's Dilemma

At the age of 24, Ben Kaufman already has a successful startup track record. With Quirky, he's tapped into the power of open innovation and created a place where anyone can become an inventor.

Other Ways to Get Stuff Made

Maybe you don't want to give up the rights to your brilliant idea. We understand. Here are some options for inventors.

The Digital Underground

A disturbing look at the far-reaching depths of the cybercriminal network--and what you can do to make sure the bad element stays out of your company.

How to Survive

How to thwart threats to your company's computer system.

Camping's Extreme Makeover

Luxury tents, king-size beds, gourmet chefs, Wi-Fi. Welcome to the new business opportunities of not really roughing it.

Excellent Adventures

Have a passion for the travel business? Consider these four niches that are quickly winning over weekend warriors.

Protect Yourself

Created as a pressure release for patent office overload, the controversial America Invents Act may give big business the edge in securing patents. Here's a guide to protecting your intellectual property rights in the post-act age.

Customers First

Lining up buyers in advance of launch can be challenging for a new company. But finding the right ones--and capitalizing on them--can go a long way toward ensuring early success.


Editor's Note

A Head for Innovation

Business Unusual

The Wave Riders

How the founders of the YOLO Board have glided to the front of the stand-up paddling crowd.
Ask the Esquire Guy

How to Enter a Room

Consider these tips to make a lasting impression on new connections, before a meeting even starts.
Ask a Pro

Advice and Consent

Whether you have a startup or an established business, outside expertise can help you grow.

Jargon: Debtcade

The period directly following the noughties, it refers to 2010 to 2019, a decade of extreme consumer and governmental debt. Coined by Adam Roberts, an editor for The Economist.
The Business Traveler

Rental Road Rage

While planning trips can be tedious, at least the reservation process is modernized. Unless, of course, you are renting a car.
Shiny Object of the Month

A Touch of Improvement

Microsoft's new mouse brings the touch control of a smartphone to the keyboard's right hand.
Mobile Tech

Promotion in Motion

Local business marketing goes mobile via MerchantCircle. How it works for one computer-repair shop that makes house calls.
Mobile Tech

What--Another Mobile Generation?

Why it might make sense for your business to embrace the next generation of mobile now.

Something to Fall Back On

You know how important it is to back up your business computers--but what about your smartphones? Here are some of the best services and apps for preventing loss.

Books Smart

Small-business accounting is moving online, where it's becoming cheaper, more powerful--and a lot more confusing
Ask A Geek

Don't Forget to Wipe

Q: How do I manage the growing number of mobile devices in my business and keep my network secure?

Facebook on Fire

Original Joe's adds fuel to its online marketing strategy using a tool from Wildfire that helps businesses boost their social media status.
Website to Watch

Both a Borrower and a Lender Be

This rental site thrives on the philosophy 'Why buy when you can borrow?'
Build a Website

Get People Talking

Tap into the social nature of your website's visitors to boost relationships with customers and your company's reach.

One-Stop Social Media Shop

This new social media tool can help businesses create time-saving online marketing campaigns

Prepare for Popularity

Don't let a website crash ruin your reputation. Optimize your site before traffic surges hit.

Watch Out for Holes

The popular blogger explains how to save time and be more effective with online connections.
Lead Gen

The Digital Handshake

To make your website an extenstion of your sales staff, create content that educates visitors and helps convert them into leads. Serving is the new selling.
Doing Good

Book Case

A B corporation designation can help back up a nonprofit's 'doing good' rep. Is it right for your social venture?

Funding the Future

From IRAs to profit-sharing plans, learn which option is best to consider for your company's future.
Your Money

Give Yourself Some Credit

Knowing what your credit report means is critical to your business and personal life.
Wacky Ideas That Just Might Fly

Metal to the Pedal

A Texas designer uses her passion for sustainable living to strike out on her own.
College Startups

Free App Satisfies a Text Obsession

Freespeech co-founder Greg Neufeld didn't like the messaging app for the iPhone--so he created one.
Finance for Startups

Familiar Testing Ground

Two co-workers convinced their boss to nurture a location-based app in-house.

Speed to Market

How Zaarly quickly brought its concept to market, complete with celebrity investment and lots of buzz.

Franchise a Go-Go

Cooked up by epicurious entrepreneurs, the mobile food business is starting to whet the appetites of established companies.
Franchise Ink

Not-So-Sorry Charley

The backstory on Charley Shin's remake of a Philly tradition.

Ship to Shore

A retired sailor sheds her sea legs and finds solid ground--and financial freedom--as owner of a franchise.
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