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Inside the September 2011 Issue


Americana Idol

Mike Wolfe, creator and star of the TV show American Pickers, is leveraging a popular passion for the past to build the multimedia empire of the future.

Commercial Success

How a commercial shoot for the History Channel's hit show brought several blocks of downtown Nashville to a halt one hot summer afternoon.

Marathon Man

How one determined developer is helping restore the creative spirit of Nashville's downtown scene.

The Mom-and-Pop Shop, Redefined

Philadelphia's Three Potato Four keeps things personal while staying ahead of vintage industry trends.

Music for the Masses

This 29-year-old CEO has her sights set on expansion with her apps LaDiDa and Songify and seed funding from angel investors. Part of our annual Young Millionaires report.

Social Media's Zen Master of Marketing

How twentysomething Shama Kabani of Marketing Zen Group wrote a master's thesis on Twitter and then went on to build a leading-edge marketing firm. Part of our annual Young Millionaires report.

Worth a Thousand Words

This twentysomething innovator created a successful digital ad network for Web images. Learn how he did it. Part of our annual Young Millionaires report.

The Value of the Daily Steal

This 28-year-old Brooklynite built a successful business around the concept of loss leaders. Part of our annual Young Millionaires report.

The Year of Living Dangerously

Stop spieling off platitudes about risk. Instead, develop a strategy to offset the oof, ugh and ouch! that can tag along with a risk-taking life.

Hire Powers

Ready to add an employee or 12 to your roster? Put these recruiting and hiring strategies to work for your growing company.


Editor's Note
Entrepreneur Magazine editor Amy Cosper on Mike Wolfe and how his passion for old stuff is fueling excitement in antiques and collectibles
Business Unusual
Two former baseball players throw a curve at the consumer quest for caffeine. From our Business Unusual file.
Ask the Esquire Guy
The T-shirt-and-hoodie set is changing the rules of dressing for work.
All Up In Your Business
Are nonsensical and annoying words sucking the soul out of your business? Here are tips for finding words that work.
Ask a Pro
How should startup entrepreneurs with limited resources furnish their work space? Start with common sense and consider your company culture.
Business Unusual
Once you check in to an airport hotel, can you ever leave? Um, yes. Just not fast enough. But not all are as bad as you might think. Our look at the five best airport hotels.
Social analytics companies serve up ways for businesses to be influential. Here's how these rankers compare.
A quick look at a handful of tech-related innovations in building, education and animal farming.
Mobile Tech
Travel is seldom easy, but neither is being an entrepreneur -- and with one can come the other. These tools can help make your next trip a bit more fun.
Ask A Geek
The process of migrating to the cloud can loom like a thunderhead over a business. Here's advice on a safer path.
Mobile Tech
A new smartphone app from the SBA aims to equip startups like Flawless Group with a wealth of small-business information.
A platform from Keynote Systems gives business owners an advance peek at how websites will render in the mobile realm.
Our columnist gets the skinny on on Microsoft's 'cloudification' of software and what it could mean for your business.
A new retailer gets a makeover while helping develop a web app for small-business owners.
The Fix
To increase conversions, a website set out to test changes to increase registrations, calls and sales.
There's more to Quora than meets the eye. Entrepreneurs, marketers and even investors are tapping its benefits.
Website to Watch
Enloop pushes the emotional clouds out of the startup process to give entrepreneurs a clear view of their business plan.
Tapping into social media management tools can help business owners get a handle on their Facebook, Twitter and other online marketing efforts.
Doing Good
The video blog is the best online tool you're not using. That needs to change. It's time to be seen.
Lead Gen
How to attract more traffic to your blog and convert more of your visitors into buying customers.
Doing Good
EDAR offers mobile protection to give homeless people a roof as a low-cost alternative solution to a widespread community problem.
Who Has VC
A new strategy for an online hand-me-downs company targeting moms helps raise an infusion of cash from venture backers.
A revolving door of workers can take a toll on your company in surprising ways. Here are four that you might not notice.
Looking to bring together your community to support local businesses? Consider these guidelines for getting started.
Balance Financial acts like a pricey personal banker -- but at a fraction of the cost.
Your Money
There's a difference between spending irresponsibly and spending on things that improve your quality of life. Knowing the difference can set you free.
Wacky Ideas That Just Might Fly
Would you like your house to smell like bacon? Or perhaps a new mitt? A young entrepreneur creates his own masculine take on the scented-candle business.
The venture capitalist and co-founder of PayPal answers questions about his initiative to back the business dreams of select teen entrepreneurs willing to put their educations on hold.
College Startups
Bump Technologies co-founder David Lieb went to business school to make contacts. He left to build a new way to share them.
Finance for Startups
Within two months of posting their app in the appbackr marketplace, Popvox had raised the five figures needed to get its mobile project off the ground.
Our annual list of new businesses in the world of franchising. Plus, a look at four franchisors with innovative, fresh approaches.
Franchise Ink
A San Francisco Bay Area entrepreneur harnesses tax credits and the power of the sun to fire up a successful solar panel installation franchise.
After college, a twentysomething rejects loftier professions and becomes Sir Grout's hardest-working franchisee.
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