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Bootstrap Your Business

Starting up a business is a full-time job. So how do you manage it when you already have a full-time job? Here's how a few entrepreneurs juggled both to payoff.


The 15-year-old company was chugging along before its founders chucked long-held conventions and completely reconceived the design of the snowboard.

Up and Comers

The snowboarding industry is on fire, as evidenced by these two newcomers proving it with their own spin.

It's Snow Problem

These small businesses are keeping the powder (and the industry) fresh.

Open and Shut (and Open Again)

Think launching a startup is challenging? Consider the life of the seasonal business owner: It's all start, restart, rinse and repeat.

Get Out of Town

This New York-based travel inspiration service offers recommendations that can send users packing.

You Can (Usually) Get What You Want

This San Francisco startup is a matchmaker for renters and owners.

Unlimited Edition

This do-it-yourself book publisher helps users publish bookstore-quality tomes.

Happiness Pays Off

Kiip relies on the games we play to connect marketers with potential customers.

Portable Design

A startup founded by two artists puts art in people's pockets (and on their backs).

The Importance of Sharing

Everything you need to know about generating leads you learned in kindergarten.

Family Affair

Passing a franchise from one generation to the next can be fraught with complexities. A smart succession plan will ease the transition.


Editor's Note

Editor's Note: Lessons Learned, Opportunities Created

Entrepreneur Magazine's Editor-in-Chief Amy Cosper reflects on 2011 as a turning-point year.
Business Unusual

Pay Dirt

Mark Highland's Organic Mechanics is blooming.
Ask the Esquire Guy

How Do I Deliver a Really Good Toast at the Holiday Party?

The Esquire guy goes on a fact-finding mission to unearth the perfect words to accompany a hoist, whether it's to toast the accomplishments of employees or the tanking of a rival.
Ask a Pro

Out of Sight

Telecommuting can be a vital recruiting tool, if you plan ahead and create the right culture for your company. Here's how.
All Up In Your Business

The Art of Marketing

What is your company doing that takes you outside the comfort zone?
The Business Traveler

The AIG Effect

Promoting value over opulence is a strategy that's helping upscale properties woo clientele.
Shiny Objects

It's All About Appearances

When it comes to your IT infrastructure, you need not only top-notch performance and capability, but good looks, too.
Mobile Tech

Drinking Made Easier

This new app enables restaurant and bar patrons to cash out their bill via smartphone, simplifying the process for customers and servers alike.
Mobile Tech

Pay As You Go

Looking into mobile payment applications for your business? Consider this comparison of the leading systems.
Ask A Geek

Backup Plans

Kilo, giga, tera -- figure out how to manage your data-storage with this advice from a data-storage expert.

The Desktop PC, Diminished

The newest miniature desktop PCs are priced right, easy on your utility bill and really pack a wallop.

Listen In

Napkin Labs gives businesses access to crowdsourcing and some big ideas from their most devoted fans. Consider this case study with a Boulder, Colo., startup.
Website to Watch

Guilt-Free Regifting

With Shift My Gift, recipients can donate the money Aunt Gladys wanted to spend on them instead of having to find space for yet another useless tchotchke.
The Fix

On Her Toes

When Hollywood called, a former New York City Ballet dancer turned to the web to keep her back-home fitness clients on track.

Make December Your Secret Month

Think you'll be able to have downtime during the winter holiday season? Think again.
Doing Good

Starting Blocks

Tegu puts toys to work to build a better future for homeless kids.
Who Has VC

Cash for Crashing

Four entrepreneurs find more than pocket change in their couch.

The Value-Creation Equation

Before you decide to put your business up on the block, make sure you fully understand how much what you're offering is worth to buyers.

Click, Click, Ka-ching

What retail forecasters expect from online customers during the holiday spending season this year.
Your Money

Automated for the People

Consider this quick step-by-step guide to put your bill paying and personal financial management on autopilot.
Wacky Ideas That Just Might Fly

Pumped Up

Day2Night's convertible shoes offer women a fashionable heel height for any occasion.
College Startups

The Great Indoors

A pair of college students dream up a product that gives pets some relief.
Finance for Startups

Starter Business

With their dream venture as motivation, Nate Casey and his partners opened a web-consulting firm to raise capital.

Ditch Your Wallet

Kuapay, a new smartphone-based in-store payment app, aims to eliminate credit cards once and for all.

10 Industry Trends for Franchises in 2012

From burgers to child care to staying fit, our annual list of trends in the franchise world shows where to consider putting your money to make money.
Franchise Ink

Stay Awhile

At Lime Fresh Mexican Grill, customers are encouraged to linger. And the concept caught the eye of Ruby Tuesday, now a licensee.

Stir It Up

A hydroponic equipment outlet brings production of medical marijuana to light.
Back Page

Business Trends From 2011 We're Sick Of

From daily deals to Ashton Kutcher, some of the trends not #winning this past year.
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