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Inside the February 2012 Issue


The Brew-Smith

Steven Smith built his career around tea, including selling a company to Starbucks for $9 million. Now this serial entrepreneur is succeeding on his own terms.

Out of Cold Storage

If you're thinking of selling your company, before you sign a noncompete agreement, consider the journey of a gelato pioneer.

Fair Trade

Selling your business? You may have to sign a noncompete. Here's how to negotiate the best terms.

10 Lessons in Marketing Brilliance

From viral campaigns to virus campaigns, we pick the 10 marketing initiatives in 2011 that hit on that winning combination of great idea, perfect timing and flawless execution.

Creating a Product From Scratch

Keats Elliots, CEO & Co-Founder of Shootsac, talks about the challenges she's overcome not only designing the product but also starting the company from scratch.

Wave of the Future

Technology companies are pushing innovative new products to market at light speed. Here's a look at how tech is defining the future of small business--today.

Soldiers of Fortune

Leveraging the benefits of their training and specialized resources, military veterans are increasingly turning to entrepreneurship. Here's a look at their battle plans.

Playing for Keeps

From the NBA to the NFL and NHL, star athletes are aiming to win big in business as they look to their financial futures following sports.


Editor's Note
The vision and actions of entrepreneurs are changing the world. And you're a part of it.
Business Unusual
A boudoir photographer focuses on customers' private moments.
Ask the Esquire Guy
The Esquire guy gives a nod to the power of praise in the workplace -- and makes it clear there are lessons to be learned in both giving and receiving the proverbial pat on the back
Ask a Pro
If your business needs to be nimble, a rolling forecast is a better bet than an annual budget.
All Up In Your Business
The innovators of the future are roaming the halls of your local schools. But are they getting enough encouragement? Here's how you can help.
The Business Traveler
From good food to convenient transportation, our expert finds a city that knows how to treat business travelers right.
Shiny Objects
Put an end to the audio problems that plague your conference calls with these stylish microphones.
Mobile Tech
New version allows colleagues to share and access information wherever their work takes them.
Mobile Tech
TeamBrain maps out the tools of collaboration.
Ask A Geek
Does your company need an IT audit? Will it improve your bottom line?
Hewlett-Packard's scanner aims to showcase the wares of online merchants in their best light.
Google AdWords rings up new bid-per-call feature.
OwnLocal is helping traditional newspapers rewrite the future.
Website to Watch
A smart rebranding landed this online pawn shop new customers and investors.
The Fix
A total overhaul adds sizzle to an electronics company's web sales.
Google+ isn't just for networking anymore. Here are four ways to put it to work to amp up your revenues.
Lead Gen
Poorly placed or ineffective QR codes can lead to consumer frustration. Here's how to use them to enhance--not embarrass--your brand.
Doing Good
How inQuo helps startups and struggling small businesses in need of equipment.
Doing Good
We follow up with some of our do-gooders from past columns.
Who Has VC
WhoSay, an insider's social-media management tool, attracts millions in financing, even without a revenue model.
Here's how office pools may earn your company a major-league penalty.
Some entrepreneurs find themselves in the right place at the right time. In business, as in anything, some people have all the luck.
A look at how small-business owners can more easily research information on health insurance options.
Your Money
Need money? Complete these nagging personal-finance tasks today.
Wacky Ideas That Just Might Fly
With Urban Cultivator appliances, foodies can grow fresh herbs and greens in their kitchens year-round.
College Startups
A free file-sharing site attracts users with its drag-and-drop simplicity and universal platform
Finance for Startups
To save the cash she needed to launch her new beauty product, Brandy Jans traded her pricey Manhattan digs for room and board with Mom and Dad.
An initiative by Starbucks and Opportunity Finance Network is pouring small-business funding into private lending institutions
Franchise Ink
PooPrints uses DNA samples to track down dumping doggies and the scofflaws who don't pick up after them
A Seattle couple makes the jump into franchising with iFly.
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