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Branding's Big Guns

Dreaming of the day your business becomes a household name? Follow these examples.

Advertising's New Campaign

BlogFrog is capitalizing on the massive influence of mom bloggers with its brand-sponsored conversations and communities. The network's agency clients and star writers are also reaping rewards. But as the line between editorial and advertising blurs, is authenticity getting left behind?

Word to Your Mother

These entrepreneurs tapped into a lucrative market -- and so can you.

Mobile Marketing Muscle

The millions of mom bloggers can make or break a new product -- so it pays to play by their rules.

Mom-and-Pop Shops

Is parenthood inspiring your entrepreneurial instincts? Consider the stories of these cool companies for modern parents from a range of industries.

In Brand They Trust

How one Texas barbershop chain built relationships with customers based on a strong company identity -- and beer.

Dining's New Wave

A chain rebrands with a local focus, a surf theme and a celebrity endorsement.

Branding, Inc.

As businesses struggle to establish a strong corporate identity, there's no shortage of enterprises waiting to help.

Rep Repair

Online rumors got your brand down? Get ready to fight back.

Well Enough Alone

One isn't always the loneliest number. In fact, it may be all that's needed to operate a successful business.

Playing Well Together

Co-branding among franchises appeared to have lost its luster in recent years. But new concepts are emerging to prove that strategic combinations of businesses can cut costs and broaden the customer base.


Editor's Note

The Writing on the Wall

Trust isn't a new concept in branding, but it's become more important than ever.
All Up In Your Business

Narrowing the Focus

A business that caters to a specialized community offers lessons in narrowing the focus.
Ask the Esquire Guy

Talking Points

How can you go from 'public speaking isn't my thing' to full-fledged confidence? The Esquire guy helps you step up to the podium.

Jargon: Blamestorming

The act of meeting to discuss a failure and find a scapegoat.
The Business Traveler

Terminal Thoughts

Our man on the go returns to one of his favorite airports--and finds much to recommend (including the futomaki).

A Not-so-nutty Idea

Justin Gold put the squeeze on his product and found success in natural foods.

Control Issues

As your company grows, you can transition from startup entrepreneur to coach and mentor. Hint: It starts with trust.
Shiny Objects

Sound Investments

Sleek wireless speakers will immerse your business with music (no ugly cables or pricey installation required).

Safety Net

More companies are accepting mobile payments. But failing to protect credit-card data could risk hefty penalties and fines.

Does Your Website Pass the Test?

Affordable usability audits can weed out glaring trouble spots. A range of services are available to help for less than $200.
Mobile Tech

Finders, Keepers

Now companies can pitch location-based offers to smartphone customers instantly--and potentially make them feel uneasy.
The Online Trep

Hit the Bull's-eye

With LocalVox, small businesses can promote deals, events and new services in their immediate neighborhoods.

Coming Attractions

Stake your claim on the web before finishing your coffee.
The Fix

Rock Revival

The Roxy Theatre on Hollywood's Sunset Strip was on its way down when Nic Adler took over and restored it to prominence in the North American music scene.
Website to Watch

The Data Game

Competition site Kaggle makes predictive modeling more effective and efficient--and a lot more fun.
Lead Gen

Uncovering New Territories

Don't overlook these unexpected online opportunities for prospects.
Doing Good

Yoga Program Offers Instant Karma

A community service certification requirement aims to spread some om to those in need.
Who Has VC

Digital Debt Relief

ReadyForZero racked up $4.5 million in funding to help consumers pay their bills.

The Benefits of Experience

If you're looking to scale up one day, it will pay to know now about how late-stage investing works.

Tax Breaks

Consider these ideas for tax breaks on your 2011 taxes.

Are Your Runways Clear for Takeoff?

Knowing how long your business can run on red is a crucial measure of its potential for success.
Your Money

Time to Banish the Pack Rat

Effective record-keeping is one thing. Holding on to piles of paper is another thing altogether.
Wacky Idea

Sticks and Stones

In a business that's not only fun but therapeutic, these two childhood friends have been lucky with word-of-mouth and press coverage.
College Startup

Big Scan on Campus

The ability to pull all-nighters moved three BYU students to the front of the competitive QR-code category.
Startup Finance

Microloans Make a Macro Difference

A Texas businesswoman fetched the amount she needed to open an eco-friendly pet store

Uncorking New Cash

Lot18 proves funding options are not dry for wine businesses.
Franchise Ink

Bring it on Home

Want to start a business, but don't want to deal with an office or a storefront? These are the franchises for you.
Franchise Ink

Making Sure the Kids Are All Right

A martial arts franchise aims to drop-kick bullies and raise self-esteem while helping owners bring a professional approach to their business.

Constructive Criticism

Innovative software empowers franchise owners to respond to customer reviews instantly.
Back Page

The Big Mama of Brands

We would be remiss to close our big, bad branding package without a nod to a brand that needs no introduction: Texas.
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