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The Best Business Bars 2012

The ultimate guide to doing business in a bar

Regimens with Rewards

How the device manufacturer is building a following by enhancing users' workouts through gaming and community-building.

Gym Dandies

Boutique health clubs are competing with established players like 24 Hour Fitness by creating unique ways to break a sweat. Here are four that are changing the way we work out.

Lean Machines

Tech companies are taking the tedium out of training. Here are a few of our favorite digital fitness options.

The Disrupters: Dining

Mobi Munch aims to streamline the mobile food industry with a turnkey platform that standardizes every part of the operation.

The Disrupters: Media

The web-based exchange connects advertisers with billboard owners without the need for document swaps and epic location-scouting.

The Disrupters: Travel

JetSuite's founder sees smaller planes as the solution to the "broken" $14 billion private-aviation industry.

The Disrupters: Video

The innovative platform brings streaming HD video to surveillance.

Two Suits Walk Into a Bar. . .

How to behave in any bar meeting. Remember: Don't have what he's having.

Crossing Enemy Lines

It's tempting to try to steamroll the competition. But sometimes a spirit of cooperation is in order.

Anatomy Lessons

We put Facebook's founder under the microscope to dissect his ongoing drive to compete--even though the results can be a total fiasco.

The Disrupters: Lens Crafter

The startup's technology is reinventing the digital camera and carving its own competitive niche.

Niche Markets

Restaurant franchises with a narrow--or even singular--focus are serving up high-concept takes on familiar, simple foods. Here's how to do one thing, and do it well.


Editor's Note

Oh, It Is On

Business Unusual

Staying Power

An investment-banker-turned-entrepreneur finds success in a line of bikinis designed to stay on, no matter how rough the surf.
Ask the Esquire Guy

Idle Chatter

Nice weather we're having, isn't it? The Esquire guy offers tips for making small talk.
All Up In Your Business

It's Not a Popularity Contest

Forget flavor-of-the-month social sites. Find the community that works best for your company.
The Suitcase Entrepreneur

Less of the Same

Many hotel chains have started acquiring properties--many in retrofitted historic buildings--that have personalities all their own.

Get the Goods Rolling

Choosing the right manufacturing partner is one of the most important decisions to make as a startup. Here are tips to find a winner right out of the gate.

Faker's Dozen

When someone calls in sick to work 13 times in a single quarter.
Shiny Objects

Put It On My Tablet

From payment kiosks to protective sleeves, these accessories can help turn a tablet into your next POS.
Ask A Geek

Social Promotion

Consider these tips when creating strategic one-off pages to bolster your online marketing efforts.
Mobile Tech

The App Toolkit

With components from Verious, developers are building better apps faster and for less.
The Online Trep

Target Markets

Online service Windsor Circle uses customer purchase histories to help small businesses improve their email marketing.
Website to Watch

The Shrink Link

With digital diaries and video chats, offers online counseling for woman and a "nice play to go crazy."
The Fix

Think Global, Act Local

How Gilt Groupe uses FiftyOne to help manage overseas currencies, taxes and more.

A Sharper Focus

The online forum and store is devoted to do-it-yourself photography tools and techniques, but the main goal is creating long-term relationships.
Lead Gen

Hidden Treasures

Chances are, your customers are conducting pre-purchase research. Here's how to tap into that educated base.
Doing Good

Health in the Heartland

How Green B.E.A.N. Delivery grew its membership-based organic farm and food-delivery business.
Who Has VC

A New Link on the Supply Chain

Even with the e-commerce site still in beta, the startup drew $6 million in venture capital in February.

Pull No Punches

Starting a business is like a prizefight, you can project a path but the road is still full of surprise punches.
College Startup

Local Color

The young environmentalists with a passion for sustainable agriculture won $10,000 in a business contest to launch the farm-to-front-door venture.
Startup Finance

Energy Boost

Getting an SBA-backed loan meant this contractor could expand his business and sleep soundly at night
Wacky Idea

In Your Own Backyard

A look at how one entrepreneurial couple is finding success with its suburban version of the great outdoors.

Military Intelligence

They want you: These franchises are embracing and supporting former military personnel in a big way.
Franchise Ink

A Cut Above

The founders of Meat House revive an old-time institution, opening 30 stores in 10 states. They share their business secrets -- and their favorite cuts.

Hire Power

Jody Presti created JobOn, an online service that allows job applicants to answer questions via webcam. Subway, Starbucks and Pizza Hut are using it.
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