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Inside the September 2012 Issue


Youth in Revolt

Our annual look at high-earning entrepreneurs aged 30 or younger with the creativity, smarts and guts to disrupt their industries.

The Next Picture Show

While corporate-owned multiplexes have faced declining attendance, one indie theater chain is bucking the trend.

Calls to Action

A Pakistani immigrant takes on the U.S. cell phone service model.

Controlled Chaos

With major clients like Microsoft and CBS Sports, Chaotic Moon app studio makes it big.

Breaking the Sound Barrier

Two friends create quirky portable speakers inspired by a takeout box.

Grounds for Success

An urban byproduct plants the seed for a big business.

Get Inspired

When inspiration strikes, apply these tools and lessons from experts to get the best results.

A Better Brainstorm

Does collaboration help get ideas going, or does it quash them?

Three Ideas Before Their Time

Some visionary ideas came before the world was ready for them.

Ideas That Changed Everything

These innovative ideas set new standards, and they all stated with someone who noticed a problem that needed solving.

Picture This

Don't rely on boring stock photos, it's more important than ever to add quality visual content to your marketing mix.

The Insiders

Intrapreneurs are launching businesses within -- and with the help of -- their places of employment.

The Game-Changers

Franchising may not seem like an innovative endeavor, but these businesses are game changers.

Game Changers - Market Driven

A designated-driver franchise that utilizes smartphone technology.

Game Changers - Kill 'em All

Rather than expand to a full-spectrum pest-control business, Bed Bug Chasers expands within its niche.

Game Changers - Direct Sales

The 6,000-pound retail shop can be pulled by a large pickup truck to wherever potential customers may gather.

Game Changers - Mainstream Green

The organic pizza franchise wants its eco-friendly mission to exist subtly in the background.


Jargon: Brogrammer
A frat-boy-esque computer programmer; an anti-nerd.
Editor's Note
Bad things happen. Emerge from these times as a better version of yourself.
Business Unusual
Coal Creek Company's Brent Galloway added a recreation and camping site on the mine's property.
Ask the Esquire Guy
The Esquire guy on what to say when you have no idea what you are talking about.
The Suitcase Entrepreneur
When you're footing the bill it's up to you: business class or public transportation?
All Up In Your Business
Ideas are worthless until they're out of your head and in front of others.
Ask a Pro
Tips on how to manage your relationship with your distributor.
Shiny Objects
Add a sparkling new monitor to your computer and see (and do) more.
The Online Trep
San Francisco-based startup DoubleDutch created three apps that help keep everyone on the same page.
Ask A Geek
Motion capture technology is now more affordable and easy to use. Here's how to get started.
Social media marketing dashboard MarketMeSuite can show you how many pinners are promoting your company on the popular social sharing site.
The Fix
A guru of entrepreneurship tunes into her customers' concerns, and leaves a lasting impression.
Website to Watch
Just in time for back to school: an online repository of study guides, flashcards and tutors from over 4,300 universities.
Mobile Tech
Tour Tracker app provides fan with real-time tracking of racers.
PlaySay allows users to collaborate with native speakers to master a new language.
Sales skyrocketed after an irreverent video became a Youtube hit.
Doing Good
The nonprofit provides resources, business education and a supportive community to help women turn their ventures into serious moneymakers.
Who Has VC
DIY web platform helps clear up possible identity mix-ups online that could cost you business or your reputation.
Ask the Money Guy
Looking for smart ways to trim spending at your business? Here's advice on how to get started.
VC funding isn't the end of the entrepreneurial journey, it's the beginning of a new trip -- here's how to navigate it.
A loan that provides capital in exchange for a fixed percentage of gross monthly revenue is gaining new traction among startups. For some borrowers, it can be an attractive alternative to a traditional bank loan.
Your Money
The four financial issues every couple should talk about.
Wacky Idea
When he was just 9 years old, Greyson Maclean discovered the key to his Lego frustrations on a pair of sunglasses.
College Startup
RoommateFit, an online matching software modeled after online dating sites, grew out of Justin Mares' bad roommate experience his freshman year.
Brewmaster Gregory Hall brings 'advanced' cider to the U.S.
Decades-old companies decide to give franchising a go.
Franchise Ink
How an immigrant family business grew by expanding their menu of Jamaican fast food.
After recovering from a car accident, Rick Collett decided to pursue healthcare and ended up opening a BrightStar Care home healthcare franchise.
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Check all that apply, then add up the points to determine if you're millionaire material.
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