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Inside the February 2014 Issue


Digital Disruption

These six innovators are applying their technological chops to revolutionize areas such as fashion design and pharmaceuticals.

Mobile Insecurity

With business continuing its shift from the desktop to smartphones and tablets, more than half of all companies now have sensitive information stored on mobile devices.

Good Vibes

The road to excellence begins with defining and embracing a positive, effective company culture.

Rules of the Trade

The exchange of goods and services rather than money is alive and thriving in today's startup economy. Here's how to get in on the action.

Urban Developments

Urban locations present unique challenges: higher taxes, complicated real estate, lifestyle differences. But it's true what they say about big-city success: If you can make it there, you can make it anywhere.


Editor's Note
Cafe, S'il Vous Plait
Business Unusual
Videography company Aerial Media Pros captures hard to get shots at a fraction of the traditional cost.
Is having employees sign 'love contracts' an effective solution for nipping office love in the bud?
Would these workplace flings get HR approval? Evren Esen of the Society for Human Research Management weighs in.
The best office designs reflect company spirit.
Packaging of the Month
Plugging Away
What's new in in-flight connectivity
The 'treps who take off--and keep going
Business Unusual
A sampling of fun facts and figures from this year's Olympic Games.
Please Give
Questionable charity, sore losers and rash decisions
Ask a Pro
The Total Package
Q: What should the owner of a small business look for in an accountant?
Esquire Guy
Too much energy, and you come off as a SpongeBob-like freak. Not enough, and you come off as a Squidward-like bore.
Moving Pictures
Easy and free (or almost free) videos to have in your marketing mix
Shiny Objects
Now On the Big Screen
Nexus 5 syncs harmoniously with Google's coolest app
Online Trep
Estify brings body-shop paperwork to the digital age
Website to Watch
What a Card
Minted taps the crowd for incredible printed designs
Ask A Geek
A look at how to show employees that using an internal network to communicate can save them time and frustration.
Mobile Tech
One-trick Pony
Anfacto turns a tablet into a single-minded tool
The Fix
We Don't Need No Stinking Apps
Redbubble rebuilds its website for mobile
Startup Finance
It just might be. Here's how to win one at a local, state or federal level.
VC Viewpoint
The bragging rights may be tempting, but achieving a jaw-dropping valuation for your company can cause problems down the line.
Your Money
Entrepreneurship comes with financial risk. Is it possible to take the leap if you're also supporting a family?
Ask the Money Guy
Q & A
What's involved in due diligence when buying or selling a company?
Wacky Idea
Underwater robots give scientists and budding explorers a way to dive in.
Who Has VC?
The venture capital money came pouring in for Burner, a mobile app that doles out disposable phone numbers for calling and texting.
Q and A
The lean movement is often associated with big business, but its principles can work for small companies, too.
Adam & Eve creates an atmosphere that is welcoming to both women and couples, with a focus on sexual health.
Sandwich Heroes
Blimpie boosts coffers for a Texas nonprofit
Active Culture
Menchie's CEO puts community first
Franchise Listing
Fitness, frozen-yogurt and quick service franchises top our annual list.
Underreported Cybercrimes
The internet is hard.
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