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The Best in Business Travel

The people, companies and locations that are improving the way we get around and our experience once we get there.

Getting Off the Ground

We asked Steve Hafner, CEO of Kayak and one of the original founders of Orbitz, for his insights on the entrepreneurial process. Here are his words of wisdom.

Infectious Behavior

Any company can create word-of-mouth ad -- all it takes is a clever idea and skillful execution.

Good to Grow

From having the cash to meeting established goals, look for these indicators before you leap.

The Mechanics of Sharing

Jonah Berger, a marketing professor a the Wharton School of Business, has identified six key drivers of virality.

Prognosis: Uncertain

As delays continue to plague Obamacare, entrepreneurs are left with a mixed bag of consequences for their businesses.


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The 2014 Trippys

Additional categories and winners of our Business Travel Awards
Business Unusual

Faux Down Below

Walter Marine has installed more than 35,000 reefs in waters in the U.S., Saudi Arabia, Mexico and other countries.

Spring Cleaning

It's time to get your spring cleaning on.

Geek Chic

A maker of everyday, neutral-colored apparel finds a niche among fashion-backward techies

Patriot Act

An investment firm gives stylish American-made brands a boost

Together, Apart

The issues traveling couples face range from the pragmatic to the personal.
Franchise Listing

Nothing But the Best

We bring you the 97 franchises that ranked at the top of their sector in Entrepreneur's 2014 Franchise 500.

A Piece of the Action

Mandy Calara created an online crowdfunding platform that lets the friends, family and community of potential franchisees become investors.

Customization in a Cup

ShakeAway's endless variety may give customers brain freeze
Ask the Money Guy

Q &A: Take a Load Off Your HR

Hint: It'll help out with all your business's HR needs.
Startup Finance

Playing With the Boss's Money

Three tips to keep in mind when asking people who once managed or worked with you for money.
Your Money

Sell Out

An inside look at the decision to move on.
Your Money

Inverse Economics

A stable economy means less competition for scoring investment.
Q and A

Buried Under Orders

When demand suddenly spikes, it's do or die time.
Wacky Idea

Drink Up, Eat Up

Meet the startup creating tasty edible glasses that could take a bite out of landfills.
Who Has VC?

Improving Women's Health

One is for early detection of ovarian cancer, the other is a microendoscope that gynecologists can use in their exam rooms. Both aim to make a difference in patients' lives.
Ask A Geek

Create a Moving Image

Never shot a video before? Don't fret -- we're here to walk you through it.
Online Trep

Package Deal

EasyPost streamlines the shipping process for online merchants
Online Trep

Travel Tech

Productivity tools for outside the office.
Shiny Objects

Ahead of the Curve

A smartphone ushers in a new era of bendable tech
Esquire Guy

Behind Frenemy Lines

Relax, be generous and don't look like you're trying to take control.

Don't Let the Door Hit You Â…

The do's and don't of handling exit strategies and partnerships that have gone sour.


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