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Just My Type

With his startup SwiftKey, Jon Reynolds is breathing new life into the act of typing on a keyboard.

How Sweet It Is

Because grown-ups need the occasional sugar fix, too.

When Worlds Collide

Where the gap between the digital and the real starts to blur.

Virtue and Vice

For better returns, should you invest in businesses engaged in social responsibility, or those on the opposite end of the spectrum?

Pay Attention!

Interruptions are the enemy of productivity.

The Booth & Beyond

Do it right, and a trade show can lead to more funding, new customers and lots of buzz.

Turn, Turn, Turn

These companies revamped their models while staying true to their core values, gaining new generations of customers along the way.

Chic, Cheap --and Honest

With his startup Everlane, Michael Preysman is cutting out the middleman markups from high quality fashion.

The Moment as Currency

With his startup Kiip, Brian Wong is connecting consumers with brands by rewarding engagement.

Full-speed Ahead

With her startup Getaround, Jessica Scorpio is connecting individual car owners with renters.

Young and Restless

How they did it, and how you can, too.


Editor's Note

The Next Revolution

In this issue, we celebrate our Young Millionaires. These are the faces and the inspiration of tomorrow.

Creativity Uncapped

Sustainability takes a refreshing turn

Chic Staples

25 Bedford launches with high-quality separates

A Perfect Fit

ModCloth taps into an overlooked segment

Style, Simplified

Aloft leads the pack in the tech-savvy select-service hotel category.

Flexible Fun

Imagination Yoga uses storytelling to encourage kids to move through a series of yoga positions.
Franchise Listing

May I Help You?

This category, which includes children's enrichment, fitness, spa and senior care services, is among the fastest growing in the franchise world.

Bar Examiner

A consultancy with a twist

All Fired Up

Grill-cleaning can make for a grate opportunity for franchisees.
Ask the Money Guy

Peace of Mind

Q: What kind of insurance does my business need?
Startup Finance

Are We There Yet?

Two years after President Obama signed the act into law, we lay out the good and the bad.
VC Viewpoint

Take the Money and Run

To preserve equity, fight for a higher valuation rather than paring back much-needed cash.
Your Money

Three Little Words

Seven steps to get you through the ordeal.
Q and A

The Search Is On

There are folks out there who want to buy your company … with someone else's money
Wacky Idea

Gotta Go!

Traffic lights for toilet stalls cuts down on bathroom wait times at concerts, stadiums and other venues.
Who Has VC?

Welcome to the 'Hood

A social network that verifies local users' identities attracts $100 million in funding
Ask A Geek

The Name Game

.florist? .coffee? .technology? The options are vast, but are any of these new domain extensions worth the money?
Online Trep

Teacher's Pet

If it works for dates, it should work for matching students with tutors.
Shiny Objects

Book It

The Samsung Chromebook 2 is light and built for conducting business on the fly.
Esquire Guy

I'm Going to Need a Bit More Time …

Start by disclosing your failure as soon as you know you've failed.

Help Yourself

It all comes back to communication.

Who's Who in Marketing

Think of it as a way to connect with your audience's audience.
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