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Inside the Fall 2004 Issue


Starting Line

With 1,100-plus ways to join the entrepreneurial race, you'll be going for the gold in record time.

No Excuses!

Starting a business can be scary, but don't let fear hold you back. These entrepreneurs had plenty of reasons not to go into business, but they did anyway--and you can, too.

Magic Markets

Learn the tricks for getting in tune with today's 5 hottest consumer markets--and watch as your profits begin to levitate.

What a Match!

Feel like your business is missing a key element? Finding a good partner could be just the thing to complete the picture. Here's what you should keep in mind if you want to make a partnership click.

Full Steam Ahead

Sure, you've heard it all before--how to start a business, what to expect, etc. But the question remains: What's it really like to start your own business. One entrepreneur shares his story about putting his startup's wheels in motion.

Head of the Class

Your assignment: Buy a Franchise. Step 1: Take our crash course in finding the right franchise for you.


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Networking goes a long way for those who don't sell themselves short.
Biz 101
When business and family mix, the key to success is communication.
Biz 101
Proposed legislation could ease the current restrictions on homebased businesses.
Biz 101
Auction help for eBay novices
House Calls
Tempted to forgo insurance because you're a startup? Think twice. It is possible to get the protection you need.
House Calls
Getting business information from competitors
Can't get big merchants to notice you? Private-label sales may be a good way to get your invention on store shelves.
Operating a seasonal kiosk keeps these partners on their mistletoes.
Cameras, costumes and toddlers are all in a day's work for Lil' Angels franchisees.
A persistent entrepreneur enjoys the sweet fruits of his labor.
When it comes to convenience, this mobile spa goes above and beyond.
Power Tools
There's no need to drop an insane amount of money on office equipment with these bargain-finding secrets.
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