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Bring It on Home

Ready to start your own homebased business? Get started now with one of these 450+ franchises or business opportunities.

The Future is Now

Tech franchises are hot. Whether you're teaching kids all about computers or consulting for big business, don't get left out of this great opportunity.

A Tale of Two Opportunities

If you're considering buying a franchise or business opportunity, here's what you need to know before making your decision.

Home Court Advantage

Starting from home was the right move for our 7 homebased young millionaires. Now they're netting sales in the millions, all before turning 40.

Home Sweet Office

When your home is your office, hiring employees is a touchy task. Learn how to set boundaries and cover your bases to make this transition smoothly.


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Home Front

How to balance your home and your business under the same roof
Biz 101

Playing the Field

Apply dating rules to marketing, and sweep your customers off their feet.
Biz 101

Get a Grip!

5 tips to make your homebased startup journey a smooth one
Biz 101

Going Zen

This group of moms created a video series to help their children--and everyone else's--enjoy the beauty of nature.
Biz 101

Let's Get It Started

Everything you need to launch your business is right here at your fingertips, so get online and try these startup tools.
House Calls

To Your Health

Starting up? Here's where to begin when getting health insurance for yourself and your employees.
House Calls

Food for Thought

How to stay on the right legal track when starting an organic food business

Mail Call

Mail order catalogs can be a startup inventor's surefire route to success.
Marketing Makeover

Frequent Fliers

Catapult your marketing efforts into the stratosphere with these 7 essential tips to get your flier working for you.

House Party

Parties prove profitable and make selling fun for a former teacher.

Team Player

Being on the field and in the game drives this sports franchisee.
Power Tools

Get Set Up

Here's all the home-office technology you need--for less than $2,000.
Second Act

Making Bank

Ready to start your dream business, but not willing to dip into your retirement savings? Here's how to make the leap without risking future security.
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