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12 Hot Ideas

So you know you want to start a business, but you're not sure what kind of business to start? We've made your decision easier by spotlighting 12 of today's hottest business ideas.

On Target

Bypass some of the most common mistakes made by startup entrepreneurs, and you'll zero in on a better business plan.

Straight to the Source

Startups are full of challenges. Our guide tells you everything you need to know to make sure you've got the right stuff.

License to Profit

What does it take to transform your product from a mediocre seller to a megahit? The answer could be as simple as inking a licensing deal.

In the Spotlight

Got a tight budget? You can still get noticed. Find out why online publicity is one of the best ways to boost your business.


Biz 101

Get Personal

Keeping cozy with customers is the key to making them happy.
Biz 101

The Good Life

Consider your lifestyle when planning your startup.
Biz 101

By the Books

Follow these tips to bookkeeping like a pro.
Biz 101

Total Recall

What's in a name? Plenty, so here's how to choose one that stands out.
Biz 101

Fit to Pitch

Does selling stress you out? Banish your fears and get in the game.
Biz 101

Support Group

Get computer help without technically having the staff.
Biz 101

For Your Information

Check out these resources that any startup can use.
Biz 101

Get Smart

Let customers know exactly why they need your business.
Hot Biz

Of the Moment

Spotting trends can put your business in the money for the long haul.
House Calls

Common Ground

Let your venture out of the house by meeting clients at business-ready facilities.
Launch Pad


This couple found a recipe for success in allergen-free treats.
Legal Qanda

Web of Lies?

Investigating potential employees online can hurt your business if you're not careful.
Mom Biz

Juggling Act

Starting a part-time business while caring for kids is no simple feat, but this challenge has its rewards.
Money Matters

Taking Stock

Should you offer employees stock in your startup? Here's how to weigh your options.

Simple Life

This busy mom found comfort in a food business that lets her work at home.

Taking the Plunge

A former Navy diver discovered security in surveillance systems.
Sales And Marketing

Sales Shortcuts

Cut to the chase with these tips to reach prospects who are ready to buy.
Second Act

It's Who You Know

Connections can mean the difference between startup success and failure.
Smart Ideas

Nailing It

By bringing manicures and pedicures to clients, this entrepreneur turned a friend's wish into a well-groomed business.
Smart Ideas

Game Time

Former college athlete helps fellow jocks find jobs.
Smart Ideas

Sweet Tunes

In the time it takes to release a few Pez candies from their colorful dispenser, Patrick Misterovich took his business from concept to reality.
Success Coach

At Ease

It's natural to be scared when taking big steps, but don't let it stand in the way of your success.
Tech Talk

Your Own Devices

The vista from here? Fancy phones, super mice and a new view through your Windows.
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