Franchising Your Business

Expanding Your Franchise Internationally

Are you prepared to grow globally? Know the risks and rewards you face before you make the leap into international waters.
Business Opportunities

Deciding if Network Marketing is Right for You

Want to work from home on your spare time? Then network marketing may be the business you're looking for.
Franchise Zone

The Life of a Serial Franchisor

Martin Sprock has established a big name for himself in the fast-casual restaurant industry. Now he talks candidly about his strategies for success.
Franchise Buying Guide

Spreading the News: 6 Sales and Marketing Opportunities

If you're tired of selling for someone else, break out on your own with these innovative franchise concepts.
Franchise Zone

Franchise Pros and Cons: Efficiencies and Support

The second part of a two-part series on the pros and cons of franchising vs. operating an independent business
Franchise Zone

What It Takes to Be a Successful Franchisee

The right stuff: For companies sniffing out potential franchisees, a clean financial history isn't enough anymore.
Franchise Zone

Pitfalls People May Face When Buying a Franchise

Many buyers' problems stem from errors they made before signing on the dotted line.
Buying a Franchise Coach Jeff Elgin

Finding a Franchise That'll Support You

Should you expect more support from a large franchise or a small one? We show you how to determine what's best for your needs.
Success Stories

'Wich of the South

Two Texans ask, "what's easy to make but delicious to eat?" and find an answer in a sandwich shop.
Success Stories

Welcome Wagon

This homegrown entrepreneur welcomes newcomers to her town.
Success Stories

Pushing the Limit

Babies give mothers the runaround in this fitness class on wheels.
Franchise Buying Guide

Beyond the Burger: 8 Fast-Food Concepts

If you're looking for an out-of-the-ordinary food franchise that'll grab diners' attentions, start here.
Franchising Your Business

The ABCs of Growing Smart

Expert tips for developing your franchise's national expansion plan
Franchise Zone

What Franchisors Want in a Franchisee

Three franchisors reveal what they look for in their franchisees.
Buying a Franchise Coach Jeff Elgin

Knowing When to Run

The top five reasons not to buy a franchise
Success Stories

Stress Relief

An enterprising entrepreneur makes rest and relaxation her business.
Success Stories

Building Permitted

Constructing a new life from the ground up
Franchising Your Business

How to Be a Successful Franchisor

Secrets to building a top-notch franchise system
Buying a Franchise Coach Jeff Elgin

Entrepreneurs as Franchisees

Do entrepreneurs make good franchisees? Our expert offers both the pros and the cons.
Franchise Zone

A Neighborhood Deli Gains National Appeal

One enterprising entrepreneur takes a small, local operation and begins expanding it into a national brand.
Franchise Buying Guide

In the Know

Looking for a franchise forecast? Your search ends here, as we predict what will break on franchising's horizon in 2006.
Franchise Zone

Benefits of a Franchise Versus a Solo Operation

Would-be franchisees should ask these questions about a system's advantages and drawbacks. Plus, discuss franchising's pros and cons.
Franchising Your Business

Are You Ready to Franchise?

Top 10 questions to ask yourself if you're thinking of franchising your business.

How To Offer a Business Opportunity

If you're looking for a growth option that helps you to spread the idea of your business without the regulation of franchising or the work of multiple locations, offering a business opportunity might be for you.
Franchise Buying Guide

Will This Franchise Work In My Area?

Our expert helps you determine whether your dream franchise will succeed in your market.
Franchise Zone

For Franchises, Growing Rapidly Isn't Always Best

Not so fast: When expansion trumps controlling costs and other goals, operations can turn sloppy.
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