Franchise Buying Guide

Franchise Registration States

Find out if your state regulates franchises.
Franchise Zone

Be a Franchise Mogul

How to build an empire: Is it better to buy multiple units of one franchise or one unit of multiple franchises?
Buying a Franchise Coach Jeff Elgin

Obtaining Financial Results From Franchises

It's smart to investigate the average financial returns on franchise investments. But how do you find the numbers?
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Basic Training

The franchisor of The Maids Home Service reveals what makes a franchisee training program successful.
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A Matter for the State?

An attorney discusses the government's place in franchising.

"Franchise Fee" Made Simple

What are you really paying for when you pay your franchise fee?
Researching a Franchise

Information Not Included

5 great questions not answered in the UFOC
Franchise Zone

From Corporate Exec to Franchisee

AlphaGraphics recruiters discuss why former corporate workers make ideal franchisees.
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Keys to Success

A franchising expert weighs in on which is more important to franchising success, the franchisee or the franchising system.
Buying a Franchise Coach Jeff Elgin

Franchise Investment vs. Return

Figuring the ROI on a franchise opportunity isn't as easy as it sounds.

Put Your Best Foot Forward

Tips for making a good impression on franchisors
Researching a Franchise

Will Train For Good

How do you find out what kind of training program your franchise is offering? Ask these questions.
Franchise Zone

The Advertising Fund Advantage

Is it a good idea to have franchisees contribute to a franchisor-established fund? The franchisor of McAlister's weighs in.

Mandatory Marketing Programs

Franchisors say you have to pay marketing fees. But where is your money going?
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Get Thee to the Net

The dating service franchisor of The Right One and Together Dating believes in the power of e-marketing.

A Franchise for the Long Haul

Before you invest, make sure your franchisor is financially stable.
Researching a Franchise

The Test of Time

Is your prospective franchise built to last?
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Researching Essentials

What's the most important factor to consider when selecting a franchise? Our experts speak out.

Just What the Doctor Ordered

Changing demographics and the economy are helping ensure a rosy prognosis for health franchises.
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And Now For Something Different

With its unique concept, The Melting Pot is not just your average restaurant franchise.
Franchise Buying Guide

Franchising: What You're Actually "Buying"

And what happens when the contract runs out
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Scam Alert

How do you spot a franchise scam?
Franchise Buying Guide

Are You a Leader or Follower?

Answer a few questions to see whether operating an independent business or a franchise is right for you.

Slow Economy = Swift Franchise Purchases

When the going gets tough, the tough go franchise shopping. Here's why.
Franchise 500

What Is It Like to Be a Subway Franchisee?

A young franchisee hooks up with this year's #1 franchise. We get his behind-the-scenes story.
Franchise Buying Guide

Franchise Terminology

Get a handle on the terms before you invest in any opportunity.
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