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Business Management

ADP Small Business Report Shows 91,000 Small Business Jobs Added in June

Small Businesses in the Service-Providing Sector Continue to Drive Employment Growth

When Life Hands You Lemons

Here's how to keep a tight ship when life's inevitable storms arise.
Business Management

Get Out From Behind Your Computer

Improve your online business by making the most of seminars, workshops and conferences.
Legal Center

New Discrimination Guidelines

Make sure you're current on the new EEOC guidelines prohibiting discrimination against workers with caregiver responsibilities.
Legal Center

Estate Planning for an Owner-Dependent Business

It's never too early to start planning for what will happen to your business when you're gone.
Business Management

ADP Small Business Report Shows 58,000 Small Business Jobs Added in May

Leading Provider of Payroll Services Launches New Monthly Resource on Employment and Labor Trends for Small Business Market
Business Management

What Your Sign-off is Really Saying

Find out what business etiquette experts have to say about the expressions we use to end work-related e-mails.
Management & Operations

Last of Their Breed

These entrepreneurs are finding a way to keep their businesses centered on seemingly antiquated products alive and well.
Hiring Center

How to Hire a Summer Intern

Before taking on an intern, determine whether you have the time to make the experience successful for both of you.
Managing Employees

Video Games at Work?

Forget the coffee. Companies are setting up break rooms with video games to create a fun office atmosphere and--believe it or not--increase productivity.
Managing Employees

Gen Y Myths Debunked

Are young employees really the slackers, whiners and praise-junkies they're made out to be? Here's what the experts have to say.
Business Management

10 Biz Books to Read This Summer

Whether you're looking for something to read while eating lunch or lounging on the beach, these out-of-the-ordinary books will make you excited about getting back to work.
Legal Center

Are Noncompete Agreements Valid?

If you want to prevent employees from leaving to work for a competitor, a noncompete agreement may not be your best bet.

Learning to Let Go

In part 3 of a series about leadership lessons learned in the tropics, Patty Vogan discusses how micromanaging locals only slowed things down.
Management & Operations

Should You Care About the Bees?

Though it may not be affecting your business just yet, the mysterious Colony Collapse Disorder has some entrepreneurs concerned.

5 States Resuscitating Health Care

It's no secret small businesses account for many of the nation's uninsured. These 5 states are working on a cure.
Employment Law

Employee or Independent Contractor?

Here's how to determine which type of worker you have and whether you're liable for their actions.
Growth Strategies

Want to Grow? Then Test.

Make sure you're testing changes to your website to determine what works and what doesn't.
Shipping Center

Winning at the Postage Game

Worried the upcoming postage hike will put a dent in your marketing budget? Learn some creative ways to cut costs.
Human Resources

How to Tell an Employee He Smells

As a business owner, you're going to have to deliver bad news every once in a while. Here's how to approach sensitive subjects without offending people.

The Importance of Research--and a Smile

In part 2 of a series about leadership lessons learned in the tropics, Patty Vogan explains how she almost ended up in a Tongan jail.

Start a Business, Save the World

You don't have to give millions to charity or solve the nation's energy woes to make a change. Read about the inspiring approaches some creative businesses are taking.
Business Management

The American Business Revolution

30 years ago, huge corporations dominated the business world. Read about the seismic shifts that turned America into a nation of entrepreneurs.

Novel Ideas

We reveal our picks for the 9 best classic business books of the past 30 years--and why they're still relevant today.
Business Management

Time Out

Never enough time? Practice these simple time management techniques, and get your life back in control.

Save Thousands on Workers' Comp

Correcting errors in how your business is classified could pay off big.
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