Advertising 101

Calculating Your Ad Budget

Before you pour money into advertising, figure out exactly how much you should spend.
Marketing Ideas

Partnership & Place-Based Marketing Techniques

This one-two punch is a great combination for a low-cost, high-reach campaign.

Burnout Busters

Find out how to keep your cool when your deal gets hot.
Tips from Experts

Full of Hot Air

How to handle big egos on your sales team before they're blown out of proportion
Sales Techniques

Slipping Up

Botched a sale? Learn from the error of your ways-dust yourself off and try again.
Ads by Type

Nothing but Net

Offline advertising--who needs it?
Public Relations

Permanent Press

Make your Web site a magnet for news-hungry journalists.
SEO | Search Engine Optimization

Price Check, Please

Shopping around for a new way to attract clients? Try joining a price-comparison site.
Tips from Experts

Higher Power

10 secret weapons that will make you a hands-on leader for your sales team
Tips from Experts

All Work & No Play

Targeted mailings and research are in. Client golf outings are out. If you expect to sell in today's economy, you need to stop wasting everyone's time.

10 Steps for Successful Sales Meetings

Use these tips to master this crucial piece of your sales process.
Finding Prospects

6 Steps for Turning Cold Calls Into Hot Sales

Overcome your fear of cold calling with these tips.
7 Tips for Writing Dynamic Sales Letters
Sales Techniques

7 Tips for Writing Dynamic Sales Letters

Beat your writing--and sales--block with these great tips.
Public Speaking

How to Generate Publicity

Boost your business to the next level by promoting yourself as an expert or author.
Sales Techniques

Post-Close Closings

Ever screwed up the sale after your prospect said yes? You need these post-close closings to help you secure every sale.
PR Basics

Using Publicity to Your Advantage

Even local efforts can get a boost from national PR.

Network With Confidence

Afraid to meet new people? It's time you faced your fears, because that's what networking is all about.
Sales Techniques

Should You Offer Extra Services or Lower Prices?

How to decide which is better for your business: adding an extra service to your product or lowering the price
Tips from Experts

Hold It, Buddy!

What to do when your best sales rep flies the coop and tries to take your clients along for the ride
Sales Techniques

Seeing the Light

Your customer says he's too broke to buy your product? Show him another way of thinking.

Ride the Sold Train

No matter your budget, you can create retail marketing that screams "Hey, check me out!"

Let's Talk About It

In negotiation, it helps to know which questions work--and which don't.
Customer Service

"Self" Respect

You can't deny consumers their desire to do everything themselves.

Keep 'Em Interested

How to engage prospects before they have a chance to tell you they'll "think it over"

Word-of-Mouth: The World's Best-Known Marketing Secret

Everyone knows about it, but hardly anyone does it well. It's time to change your approach to word-of-mouth marketing.
Low-Cost Ideas

Get Big Marketing Results With Little Cash

Don't dry up your funds with expensive marketing methods. Instead, make a name for your company with creative (and outlandish) grassroots methods.
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