Tax Tips

Hire Disadvantaged Employees & Save on Taxes

Two tax credits that'll help you help others and yourself
Cash Flow & Money Management

Chief Concern

It's time to make an executive decision about whether your company needs a CFO.
Bank Loans and Microloans

The Burden of Borrowing

Your growing company could be hindered by hidden loan costs if you don't look ahead.
Tax Essentials

Hire Purpose

Bringing disadvantaged employees aboard has never been so rewarding--and we're not just talking about the tax credits you'll get.

Investing Your Own Money in Your Business

Don't let outside investors think for a second that you're unwilling to take on some financial risk.
Accepting Payments

Why You Need to Accept Checks

Whether paper or electronic, checks still account for a large chunk of transactions today.

Creative Ways to Fund Your Business

When the money tree looks dry, sometimes you just have to create your own branch.
Cash Flow & Money Management

Number Rustling

Feel like your accounting is getting out of control? Rein it in with the right software.

The Best-Relaid Plans . . .

When investors ask you for a growth plan, they want a growth plan. A cleaned-up, rehashed business plan isn't going to do the job.
Personal Finance

Putting Your Money in Variable Annuities

Is a variable annuity for you? Depends on who's pitching it.

Financing a Business Acquisition

Ready to stake your claim in another business? Here's the best way to finance the deal.
Personal Finance

Setting Up a Charitable Remainder Trust

If you want to leave a legacy with your business and also help out your community, establishing a CRT could be the way to go.
Accepting Payments

New Payment Services Offer Speed and Convenience

For you, that means happier customers--and beefier sales.
Angel Investors

Do You Believe in Angels?

Angel investors--and their money--are out there. Learn to catch one.
Accepting Payments

It's PayPal Time

Online retailers are discovering that alternative payment services fit their businesses to a "T."
Billing and Collections

Vulture Capital

You can't beat the big creditors to the bones of a bankrupt client, so what do you do?
SBA and Government Funding

Solid Backing

Even SBICs feel this economy, but they may have the resources to make your deal work.

Investment Risks and Returns

What should capital providers expect to receive from their investment?
Tax Center

Preparing Your IRS Forms 1099 and W-2

Who gets a 1099? Who gets a W-2? Here are questions and answers to your most common tax-form dilemmas.
Tax Center

How the New Tax Laws Can Help You

Reduce your tax bill by incorporating appropriate changes into your tax planning for 2003.

The 30-Second Business Plan

Want to impress a potential investor quickly? Here's exactly what to say.
Accepting Payments

Accepting Customer Payments

Tips for selecting the safest payment solutions for your business

Plastic Rap

The pros and cons of the latest trend--using credit cards to finance your business
Angel Investors

Our Little Angels

Angel investors haven't left us; they're just scaling back their operations.
Tax Essentials

Is That New?

To prove you deserve an R&D credit, when the IRS says "Jump," you'll say "Which hoop?"
Getting Started

Hanging on to Equity During Pre-Launch

You need funding for your pre-launch stage. But how much equity should you give up to get it?
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