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Chris Penttila is a Washington, DC-based freelance journalist who covers workplace issues on her blog,

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Entrepreneur Magazine

Payback Time

Thinking of striking back at an employee? Think twice.
Entrepreneur Magazine

No Deal

An immigrant exodus could hurt your bottom line.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Savvy Spending

An entrepreneur makes the most of his VC by spending wisely and thinking strategically.
Entrepreneur Magazine

All Things Being Equal

A company that embraces producer-friendly business practices? It's only fair.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Know Your Stuff

Are you sure your customer information is secure? If not, consider developing a data governance policy to lock info up tight.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Paying the Price

The rising cost of healthcare could lead to surcharges.
Hiring Center

Raising the Minimum Wage

Will a higher minimum wage hurt entrepreneurs? Many say no.

Are Barter Sites Right for You?

Online bartering sites want to change how consumers shop.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Mix It Up

Thinking about diversifying your business? Here are some things to consider before adding to your company's offerings.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Pilot Project

New database allows you to check employees' legal status.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Cover Me

Mandatory health insurance may be bad for business.
International Growth

Joining Forces With Japan

Japan's economy is picking up. Should your company explore the possibilities?
Entrepreneur Magazine

Got Skills?

Corporate volunteering is becoming less about envelope stuffing and more about letting employees apply their specific skills.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Payback Time

Think interns are free labor? That could be changing.
Hiring Center

Check 'Em Out on MySpace

Social networking sites spark unofficial background checks.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Stuff It

Why some consumers just say no to new purchases
Compensation and Benefits

Do Young Employees Want a Retirement Plan?

If you think a retirement plan doesn't matter to recent college graduates, think again.

How to Prepare for a Pandemic

Prepare your business for the outbreak of bird flu or any other possible pandemic before you're really in trouble.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Running for Cover

Should you eliminate health coverage entirely or limit it to a few key employees?
Customer Service

Create a Product Your Customers Will Want

Are more features what your customers really want? Try to make your product do too much, and it may end up doing nothing at all.
Startup Basics

Startup Smarts

The recipe for success: Keep it simple.
Employment Law

How Does the EEOC Fare in the Discrimination Wars?

The EEOC just passed a milestone, but we're still striving for workplace equality.
Time Management and Organization

Keeping a Project Archive

What was that awesome thing you did for that one project last year? Don't know? You need to start keeping a project archive.
Entrepreneur Magazine


Can holding your tongue help you gain big-name clients?
Entrepreneur Magazine

Stuck in Neutral

Where is the SMB revolution?
Entrepreneur Magazine

Give a Little

For one international entrepreneur, giving back is just part of smart business.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Supporting Cast

Creating accessories for a hot-selling product line can be the path to quick riches, but it's also a very risky business.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Musical Chairs?

The trend in boardrooms is to nix a seat--COO.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Don't Kid

Would you consider banning little ones from your location?
Entrepreneur Magazine

Perfect Casting

To truly unlock your employees' talents, you need to understand who they are and what roles best suit them.

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