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Chris Penttila is a Washington, DC-based freelance journalist who covers workplace issues on her blog,

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Entrepreneur Magazine

Where's the Beef?

Has your business lost momentum? Could be time to pinpoint your sacred cows—and put 'em out to pasture.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Shape Up!

If you want to start your own business, you'd better make sure you're in shape for it--emotionally, mentally and financially. Our three entrepreneurial fitness tests will help you see if you've got wh
Managing Employees

Close the Loop

If you're outsourcing projects right and left, make sure the information you need is rolling back to you.
Entrepreneur Startups Magazine

Step by Step

From advertising to zeroing in on your first customers, our A-to-Z list of essential startup steps includes everything you need to do to get your business off the ground.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Direct Hit

Can direct marketing survive a consumer backlash?
Entrepreneur Magazine

Hired Guns

Is enlisting bloggers the wave of the future in marketing?
Employment Law

Risky Business

Should a prospective employee's credit history determine whether he or she gets the job?
Tips from Experts

The Art of the Sale

In today's economy, bright ideas are what it takes to land a sale. So we went to the source--to salespeople at super-successful companies--to provide you with surefire tips for selling.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Now You See It...

Payroll tax is likely the tax you most want to have cut, but will it ever happen?
Motivation and Retention

Hold On Tight

Better work on keeping your top-notch talent now--while it's still an employers' job market.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Slow Change

You'd better not hold your breath waiting for retirement plan reform.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Fee Bargain

Law firm mergers may give you more room to negotiate legal fees.
Managing Employees

Can You Manage?

Should the office hotshot be your next manager? Only if he or she really has the right stuff.
Entrepreneur Magazine

The Great Unknown

How can you keep your chin up in this uncertain economic landscape?
Entrepreneur Magazine

Intern Affairs

More and more companies are hiring virtual interns. But is this a good thing for everyone involved?
Entrepreneur Magazine

Balancing Act

Will proposed pension plan changes help your company--or hurt your employees?
Entrepreneur Magazine

Move Over, Martha

Find out which style maven has the best shot at claiming Martha Stewart's crown.

Sharing the Wealth

Never mind the dismal economy. Escape to a world of champagne wishes and caviar dreams, where you'll find rich opportunities to start a luxury business.
Motivation and Retention

Tough Choices

If you want to hire fresh talent, you'll have to pay them more. But what will your existing staff say?
Entrepreneur Magazine

Squeezed Out?

Is there any room left for small businesses in federal contracting?
Entrepreneur Magazine

Survival Mode

Job-seekers are taking "good for now" positions, but is it good enough for those who hire them?
Managing Employees

Brake Time?

If you work your employees to the bone and still aren't seeing any rise in productivity, speed may not be the only answer.
Entrepreneur Startups Magazine

As Easy as 1,2,3

Everything has its proper order . . . especially the steps to starting a business.
Managing Employees

Employee Interrupted

Would employees get more done if they were unavailable every now and then?
Entrepreneur Magazine

First Family

California has made paid family leave law. Will the rest of the nation follow?

An Ounce of Prevention . . .

May be worth its weight in gold when it comes to cutting insurance costs.
Management & Operations

Retailiatory Strike

Don't let the big boxes win without a fight. There's plenty of room for start-ups to make their mark in retail.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Insult to Injury?

Is the Supreme Court letting some of the air out of the ADA?
Hiring Center

Not Hiring

Pretending you didn't get their resumes is no way to deal with rejection. Applicants need to know when it's over.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Tech's Appeal

As tempting as technology is, your employees can only handle so much of it.

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